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Meet Client Expectations with Massage Your Market Training

6 Hour CE Course

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There's a secret to getting a client to reschedule with you. Knowing this secret could save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration whether you are right out of school or much further on in your career.

What's that secret?

It's simply meeting your client's expectations about how they think the massage is supposed to feel, understanding their needs, and meeting those needs with massage.

Sounds simple right? Well... it is... when you know HOW to get their expectations out on the table (so to speak).

Instructor Amy Bradley Radford has taken all the information learned over her 25 years in practice and turned it into 6 questions you need to ask your client. They may seem simple, maybe even unimportant, but they have the power to change your business and success with each massage you give.

In this course Amy will break down each step of the contact you have with your client – from the moment they make their appointment to the moment they walk out the door after the session. You'll master each step of this process so that your clients want to keep coming back to you again and again.

A big part of that process is the 6 important questions to ask every client, at every session. These simple questions will teach you about your client's expectations so that you know how to meet them at your table. You’ll learn how to translate the answers to produce a successful massage session.

By asking your clients 6 simple questions you'll clearly understand and guide your client’s expectations allowing you to change the dynamic of the massage turning the session into what your client wants!

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain how meeting a client’s touch or massage expectations pairs with successful rescheduling and business success.
  • Define expectations and what expectations are for the client in regard to professional, therapeutic touch.
  • Identify and explain the 6 questions that therapists can ask a client at each appointment that will allow for better massage design and meeting client expectations.
  • Recognize and determine how to shift your pressure to match the client's expectations by the use of a pressure scale.
  • Learn how to successfully communicate with a client prior to a massage session to build individualized massage goals and design a session to meet those goals.
  • Recognize the need for skilled adaptation of touch for each client to create business stability and momentum.
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