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Ethics: Neutral Space, Client Care & Boundaries

1 Hour CE Course

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There may be times in your career that you encounter clients that are in need of extra support. You may even find yourself trying too hard to provide that support. Instead, learn skills that will allow you to regain and maintain healthy boundaries between you and your client.

Through this video-based course you will:

  • Discover how to hold space for your client by staying neutral, but supportive, to their emotional, mental, and physical state.
  • Observe the difference between trying too hard to help a client vs. how to offer your skills in a neutral and helpful way for their benefit.
  • Learn to recognize your own behavior and be able to step back, observe, and regain healthy boundaries allowing the client to work through their own mental and emotional needs while still performing the massage.
  • Know how to create a “neutral space” and how to “hold space” for a client in support of their emotional and physical needs.

By following the steps in this course you will be able to simply create a space for clients to feel supported and safe, with your demeanor and hands, providing a feeling of unconditional support to that person.

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Learning Objectives

  • Recognize what it means to hold space for a client.
  • Discover how to create a neutral space for a client.
  • Build healthy boundaries with clients by implementing this practice.
  • Review examples and create an understanding of these concepts for integration and practice.
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