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Touch Interpretations

1 Hour CE Course

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Understand client expectations and meet those expectations with your own blend of touch intuition!

There is a gap that naturally exists between learning massage techniques and how your touch becomes 2nd nature to you and your clients.

While that gap closes the longer you practice and understand your skills, there are ways that you can close that gap faster. The answer to bridging this gap is finally trusting your hands to tell you what to do.  

Touch Interpretation is bridging the gap between how you interpret touch and how you interpret your client, then bringing them together.

The closer you get to creating the feel of the mental image that your client has in their mind of the massage experience, the sooner you will have a repeat client.

In this course you'll be walked through intuition and skill-building tools to develop this intuition more easily. Taking this information and refining it quickly for the table:

  • Letting go of the mental practice and listening to your hands.
  • Interpreting what your hands say as you go; not telling your hands what to do as you work on the body.
  • Refining your skills into professional touch.
  • Developing your own, unique way of expressing massage.
  • Communicating through touch and using intuition in your hands-on approach.

Begin to understand how to take your skills and turn them into an art form that sells your hands at the table. How you touch and the feeling it leaves with your client is your touch intuition; your art form. With Touch Interpretation, your brain takes a back seat and your hands feel and follow.

In just one hour, you can learn to change how you touch people and shift your very next massage finding yourself loving what you do and feeling like you created an experience, not just gave a massage.

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Learning Objectives

  • Review how to refine your skills into a more professional touch experience
  • Prepare a more personalized touch experience for each client and describe why this is important for client retention
  • Examine and define clients expectations and how those expectations relate to massage
  • Create a better massage experience for the client - the difference between applying techniques and using a skill set for success
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