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Massage & Retail Sales

1 Hour CE Course

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  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

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Fully Online Materials and Test

Contents: 4 original online articles; plus online multiple-choice test



Discover ways to expand your practice. Combining four articles written especially for the Institute's Massage Professionals Update E-newsletter, this brief program will provide insights into:

  • Deciding how to expand your practice.
  • Selecting and offering products for resale.
  • Helpful hints for selling products.
  • Key components of soft selling techniques.

In the Massage & Retail Sales program we've combined four articles written especially for the Institute's Massage Professionals Update. These four articles include:

  • The Business of Business – Beyond Bodywork - Are you thinking about adding retail to your massage business? It can be a move that is not only helpful to you, but also to your client. Your profits will grow as you make it more convenient for them to purchase hard-to-come-by products that will also enhance their well-being and have them thinking of you between massage sessions.
  • Pump Up Your Profits with Products - With today's economic seesaw, we all need to find ways to stabilize our income. The profession of massage therapy is no exception. Learn how to make your business more profitable by bringing in a few retail products, while at the same time enhancing the experience of your clients. By providing an easy resource for the music you play during a session, essential oils and candles you use, among other things, you can provide your clients with a positive reminder of their massage experience.
  • Selling Products to Enhance Your Practice - By selling products you are knowledgeable about and believe in, you can enhance not only the profits in your business, but also enhance your professional relationship with your clients by selling items that prolong the benefits of massage. Whether it is candles or oils, stretching tools or cold packs, there is something you can offer that will promote a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to sell products effectively and ethically in your practice.
  • The Soft Sell Approach to Retail - Have you ever been approached by a sales person who seems desperate and a little too eager to sell you a product? How does that make you feel? Learn about the soft sell approach to retail. It is a method that will keep both you and your massage clients happy.

You can either read the articles by clicking on any of the titles above or upon enrollment you'll be able to access these articles and your online test through your online course account.

Important: As Marketing/Business programs may not be acknowledged by some Boards of Massage, check with your licensing/certifying body to make sure this course will be acceptable for renewal.

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This course did a good job teaching the skills needed for making "soft" sales to potential clients.

Nathan Trainor, CMT


Csandress Kiel, LMT

This course was very informative and has given me the skills I need to "soft" sale to potential clients. Thank you.

June Luff, CMT, BCTMB

This was a challenge, but well worth it along with great information.

Jawaan Gibbs, LMT

very informative online quick course!

Marylee Schreiber, LMT

It was a good course I just thought it would be a little more in depth. But all and all it was good. Thank you

Dinah Gibson, LMT

Needed this information as I am considering retail in the near future.

Debra Landress, LMT

Informative and to the point.

Mitzi Everett, LMT

I also have my degree in retail management. Gives a great insite of what to do & not.

Kimberly Arndt, LMT

The information was helpful but sometimes lacked clarity.

Sureka Johnson, LMT

Informative yet unclear in relation to the start up process and equivalent steps.

Carroll Ruiz, LMT

The material is a little repetitive. It is a class that is truly geared for someone who has not given much thought to selling. I expected basic since it is 1 CEU, but I think the class could be improved. (I like the medical error prevention class, I was a little disappointed in this one)

Sarah Wolf, LMT

When I found some of the answers, to certain questions I went by every thing it said. That messed me up because the questions that said both (A&B ), it did not say that in the area that I found the answer to. I considered choosing that answer, but it did not state it clearly. It was a question to infer, instead of finding it in the area where the question was.

Brandy Messick, LMT, BCTMB

This course did a good job teaching the skills needed for making "soft" sales to potential clients.

Nathan Trainor, CMT

i use to own a store so i was somewhat familiar.thank you

Pamela Whitaker, LMT


Csandress Kiel, LMT


Dayna Fulkerson, LMT

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain the process of how to decide to sell retail products in a massage practice.
  • Describe how to approach selling products in order to increase profits in a massage practice.
  • Explain how selling products can enhance a massage practice and be of value to clients.
  • Understand and explain the differences between hard and soft selling techniques as well as how a soft sell approach relates to a massage practice.
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