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Ethics: Legal & Ethical Issues

6 Hour CE Course

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  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

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Examine key legal and ethical concepts related to message and bodywork including professional roles and boundaries in the health field. Learn essential tips for medical record keeping and professional liability insurance.

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Content Outline

The Law: What Is It and How Does It Work? 0.5 hour
Legal Issues in Professional Roles and Boundaries
  • Torts
  • Negligence
  • Intentional tort
  • Quasi-intentional tort
  • Strict liability
  • Consent
1.25 hour
Ethical Issues in Professional Roles and Boundaries
  • Being a professional
  • Professional boundaries
  • Dual relationships
  • Supervision and support
  • Professional codes of ethics
1.25 hour
Professional Liability Insurance
  • Types of policies
  • Policy provisions
1 hour
Documentation and the Allied Health Professional
  • Why do we have medical records?
  • Purposes of documentation
  • Components of the medical record
  • Incident reports
1.25 hour
Case Presentation 0.25 hour
Open-Book Test and Course Evaluation 0.5 hour
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Loved this Course!!

Amy Haberkorn NCTMB

This course was a very good overview of the legal and ethical issues faced by massage therapists.

Crystal Guengerich, RN, CMT, Baltimore, MD

I liked the layout of the material it made it easy to follow.

Dan Morehouse, LMT, NCTMB, Omaha-NE

Especially impressed with extensive material related to massage as well as major health care professions,

Daniel Brooks, LMT, Odessa,MO

This course definitely gives a clear and concise understanding of Legal and Ethical concepts and how they apply to the Massage Profession.

Dawn Keenum-Felker, NCTMB, RMT, State of MD, Hagerstown, MD

Very thorough and explanatory. All areas covered.

Deanna Dobek

This course was very good. Very informative, easy reading and a good way to show me how to keep myself protected in my job

Donna M. Vicchiullo

highly educational.

Dr John Balyoz

I was very impressed with this course. It was very in depth. I really enjoy taking courses that actually teaches you something.

G. Terrill, LMT, NCTMB

I feel like I''m walking away knowing more than if I had to sit in a lecture for 6 hours.

Erin McCue, CMT, Maryland

Good course, easy to follow.

Frances Hatchett LMT Henderson, KY

The material was presented in a simple, easy to read format.

Iris Weidner, LMT, NCTMB Lawrenceville, GA

This was a great ethics course and was very interesting. I was able to not only learn new things but also refresh my memory on the old.

Jamie Kirts, LMT Mahomet, IL

Very easy and convenient! Great opportunity to earn CEU's without traveling.

Janine E.Tienor

This course gave me a more detailed explanation and important reminder of what professionalism is all about and how important it is in the line of work that massage therapists do not only for our professional reputations but also the welfare of our clients.

Joann Wilson, LMT Fort Dodge, IA

I have been practicing 12 years, have advanced studies, and feel it was informative and met my needs very well. This course was a different take on "professional ethics" and loaded with great information.

Kay Nuzum, NCTMB - Casper, WY

the legal statutes were very helpful and explained a lot since they were put into laymens terms; I also found the types of insurance and why you might need them to be helpful

Kristi Schwartz, NCTMBT, LMBT

Great course, for me it is more comfortable to do this at home instead of in a class room.

Laura Mara, NCTMB, Treatments Manager at The Stoweflake Resort &

The course gives a good detail of the information in an easy to use format and terminology.

Lori Hellenbrand, WRMT Madison, WI

Interesting Class!

Margo Boylan

this course gives you a good understanding about the law in healthcare, I learned a lot I did not know

Marika Carey, LMBT Beaufort, NC

Great way of earning CE's. Very affordable and fast. Easy and well covered.

Martha LMT

The process was very easy! I kept putting off my Ethics CEUs because I was scared of an online course, but it was great!

Maura Edgecomb, LMT, NCTMB, Heaven & Earth Wellness Center Windh

A very concise and to the point ethics course full of useful information.

Melissa A Theetge, LCMT, Coventry, RI

Absolutely touched the basis on everything needed to know for ethics and legal issues.

Paula Hester LMT Maryland

The course if very easy to follow and written in a manner that's clear and easily understood.

Rebecca A. Viska, LMT/MTI Galveston, Texas

I found this to be a great review and very well outlined.

Ricky Cummings, PT, LMT, NCTMB

Course is nicely written, easy to follow, yet informative.

Seta Sevulyan, LMT

Very professional. a reminder of things that can easily be forgotten

Sharon E McIntyre, LMT, Licensed Esthetician, Spa Manager, L\'Pa

This is a good way to stay in touch with our ethical obligations in the practice of massage therapy.

Sue McPhee. MEd, M.A., C/LMT, Hillsboro, NH

The legal issues and ramifications were very enlightening as I am also an LPN and how those same issues also apply within my massage business.

Donna Baker, LPN, LMT, NCTMB

It was straightforward and easy to follow.

Connie Hartman, LMT

Thank you! This course was great!

Christina Mustoe, LMT, NCTMB

I really like the online option for an ethics course!

Molly Anderson, LMP

Excellent material. Informative and detailed about the laws. Gained important understanding in the newest material.

Sue Hickel, LMP

I appreciated the review of the laws and legal system as well as detailed information regarding liability insurance and what it entails.

Helena Cohen, LMP

I was amazed at what I learned about liability and insurance. As the owner of a massage practice, I am going to sit down with all of my therapists and review key items. Thanks

Suzanne Daigle, LMT, NCTMB

Outstanding material and quite a refresher indeed

Jonathan Outlaw, LMBT, NCTMB

Very informative. Thank you

William Diederich, CMT, NCTMB

Interesting, learned a lot.

Michael Ryan, LMT, NCTMB

Great Course. It reminds me to watch my p's and q's and make sure all my ducks are in a row.

Charles Hoak, LMT

I enjoyed it all very much!!!! I feel I understand some new thoughts of ethics that may have been questionable for me before. Thank you for your classes and giving me the tools to be a successful practitioner!!!!

Jessica Huebner, CMT, NCTMB

Good, informative course.

Kenneth Moench, LMT

I found the material to be very interesting and extremely crucial to my practice as well as my personal life.

Barbara Kadri, CMT, NCTMB

I very much enjoyed this online course. It is convenient and easy to understand. Very highly recommended to other people.

Trang Sigmon, LMBT

This course was very well presented and I did learn new information.

Constance Bynum, LMT, NCTMB

Excellent, very informative.

Edner Breton, LMT, NCTMB

Very professional course. It was a direct and personable approach to address some possibly stiff material. Legal and insurance issues no matter how uncomfortable to face in a society faced with ever-growing sensitivity and boundary misinterpretations, clarity is key. Thank you for the great review!

Diane Colletto, LMT, NCTMB

This is the first time taking one of your courses. I enjoyed the ease and clarity of your course materials and the ability to review it throughout. I learned more about ethics than I did in massage school.

Shirley Stalgis, LMP

Felt the course was well structured and informative.

Vincent Hood, LMP

I really found the information in this course was great for me to enhance my understanding.

Faydra Dopek, LMT

I value keeping abreast of ethical criteria. It enhances and reminds us as bodyworkers to keep those boundaries and to know what to do to assist clients if we cannot.

Phyllis Magers, LMT, NCTMB

Overall good course

Daphne Shatto, LMT

Excellent basic course on Legality and Ethics. I would recommend this course for new MTs, MTs who perhaps did not have a strong ethical foundation in their schooling, or MTs who can use a wake up call specifically in boundaries and client-first focus.

Andrea Eaton-Whitley, LMT

This course was straight and to the point with helpful information. Gave me the hours I needed.

Jana Sawyer, LMT, NCTMB

This was not just a great review but thorough look at our systems and their functions. Thank you!

Christine Nonnenmacher, LMT, CMT, NCTMB

I was really impressed with this class, initially thinking that it would not be able to hold my interest, but the presentation was clear and interesting. I enjoyed it and value it as a great review for the future. Thank you!

Leslie Jasperson, CMT

I felt that this course was very informative as well as very easy to understand.

Sydni Davis, LMT

This course provided me a lot of information that I will use in my practice.

Lynette Hanes, LMBT

Very well writen course. Definded a lot of insurance and legal terms I didn't understand before and gave very simple but clear examples in explaination of situations.

Deborah Amato, LMT

I found the course to be very informative. I also loved that the institute offered an 6hr ethics course. I was trying to find a course to work for me and my license requirements and because of the site I was able to. Thank you.

Chelsey Babcock, LMT

This course was especially valuable to me as a reminder of the ethical issues I have previously learned years ago. The course material was exceptionally comprehensive and can be used as reference material.

Dixie C Parker, LMT, BCTMB

Ethics: Legal and Ethical Issues course was challenging and I found myself questioning some of own ways of practicing as most of my customers are coworkers and friends.

Francisco Uriarte, LMT

The course was very informative. I must say that I had to read a few pages twice to understand the new terms and unfamiliar information to understand its meaning. Thank you!

Monica Polanco, LMT

Program is very user friendly. The online course was very clear and concise, easy to understand, and was very informative. Taking this course was a much needed refresher for me regarding laws and legal terms. Thank you so much!

Nanette Brierley, LMT

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Learning Objectives

  1. Define negligence and malpractice and identify the four elements of negligence.
  2. Define intentional and quasi-intentional tort and recognize how they differ from negligence or strict liability.
  3. Define assault, battery, sexual assault, false imprisonment, defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
  4. Define consent and recognize an example of it.
  5. Recognize the defenses to intentional and quasi-intentional torts.
  6. Define and identify an example of breach of confidentiality.
  7. Identify the essential roles, rights and responsibilities that are required in order to be recognized as a professional.
  8. Define the concepts transference, countertransference, consent and boundaries and apply them to important practice situations.
  9. Define basic professional liability insurance terms and concepts.
  10. Identify the main reasons why independent contractors and employed healthcare professionals both need professional liability insurance.
  11. Identify the components of a typical professional liability policy.
  12. Identify the healthcare professional's obligations regarding the informed consent process.
  13. Identify who may give consent on behalf of the patient when s/he is unable to do so.
  14. Recognize the kinds of circumstances that may involve special consent rules.
  15. List the purposes and major uses of the medical record.
  16. Recognize the components of SOAP charting.
  17. Identify the implications of releasing confidential information about the patient.
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Sample Text

"Claims-made This type of policy covers only those injuries and claims that occur and are reported during the policy period. Many policies of this type provide a 60-day extension at no extra charge that takes effect when the original policy expires. The insurer will defend you if a claim is made during the extension.

Tail Coverage This is a special policy that extends the original insurance coverage for a time agreed upon by the insured and the insurer. Unlike an automatic extension at no extra charge, tail coverage must be purchased.

Prior-act Coverage This policy covers prior acts that go back to a specified amount of time before the current policy took effect. It must be purchased for an additional premium. A thorough report must be made that answers questions such as: what services were provided, whether the healthcare provider was employed by someone else or self-employed and details around any incident that might develop into a claim. Failure to answer such questions may result in no assisted defense by the insurance company."

(Legal and Ethical Issues in the Health Professions by Sharon Burch, 2006, p. 38)

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Sample Test Question

What is tail coverage?

  1. additional amount limits and coverage for events not covered in the basic policy
  2. coverage going back for a certain amount of time
  3. an extension of the original insurance coverage for an agreed amount of time
  4. coverage for an incident regardless when the claim was made
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