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Understanding Sports Massage

12 Hour CE Course

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  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

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Based on a textbook by Patricia Benjamin, PhD and Scott Lamp, LMT, this course provides the theoretical and practical basis for using sports massage to help athletes stay in shape, recover from injuries and improve performance, including the authors' approaches to conducting an effective sports massage program in various settings. A list of resources for further study, including hands-on training, is included. This course provides conceptual preparation to seek additional training, and does not teach hands-on skills. Please seek additional experience, with a mentor, to add hands-on skills.

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Content Outline

Theory and Science of Sports Massage  
Definition of sports massage  
The many uses of massage in sports  
The sports massage specialist  
The whole-athlete model  
Sports massage and athletic performance  
Evidence for effectiveness  
Constellation of effects  
Contraindications and cautions  
Medications and drugs  
Techniques and Skills  
Building blocks of sports massage  
Hand and finger positions  
Massage techniques  
Joint movement techniques  
Specialized techniques  
Restorative Sports Massage  
Restorative massage and its applications  
Recovery massage  
Remedial applications  
Rehabilitation applications  
Sports Massage at Athletic Events  
Event sports massage  
Pre-event sports massage  
Interevent sports massage  
Postevent sports massage  
Hyperthermia and hypothermia  
Relieving muscle cramps  
Event sports massage at a swim meet  
Maintenance Sports Massage  
Common problem areas  
Maintenance massage using oil  
Planning and Giving Sports Massage  
Sports massage sessions  
Planning a session  
Logistics of giving sports massage  
Aspects of techniques performance  
Monitoring progress and pain  
Implementing a Sports Massage Program  
Sports massage programs  
School and university programs  
The athlete's support team  
Athletic organizations  
Organized sport events  
Health clubs  
Private sports massage practices  
Integrative sports medicine clinics  
Appendix A: Sanitary Guidelines for Sports Massage at Events  
Appendix B: Massage Licensing Laws
Glossary, References & Index
About the Authors  
Open-Book Test and Answer Sheet  
Course Evaluation Form  
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Great course, great book, I learned alot!

Linda J Lambert, LMBT

Excellent overview of the topic.

Suki Lurie, LMT

I liked the layout of the text. It was easy to read and understand. The photographs were very helpful.

D. Stegall

I enjoyed this course and am looking forward to the next one.

J. Hubbel, CMT

I took my time to really read and absorb the material. I know it will be very helpful to my career as a massage therapist. For me, having three kids that are all in school and dealing with everyday life, this course made it easy for me to work, deal with kids, juggle daily life and still have some time left to read this course. It's great to learn new things as well as reviewing material you already know. Thanks!

Rebecca Turner, LMBT

I enjoyed the course and it was helpful as I did not have the time to take a hands on class this year.

Scott Mike, LMBT

Great text!!! Will share with my fellow therapists!!

Andrea Whittington, LMT

This course was and is very to the point and it gives another great text to refer to. I have gained new information to share with my clients and to help them but to help myself in my athletic endeavors!

David Mylar, LMT

This course is very detailed and helpful.

Leanne Nguyen, CMT, NCTMB

Great course! Learned some new information, thanks!

Josh Wideman, LMT

I thought it was wonderful. I have such excitement to use this on my clients who are athletes.

Leannia Jerrell, LMT

It was a great course. I found the text very easy to understand. I think this course will deffently will help me in my field.. Thank YOu!

Erin Hicks, LMT

Great course w/very useful and timely info. I will be using many of these techniques in my practice.

Jeffrey Schroeder, CMT, NCTMB

Very good text and specific in details.

John Escarsega, LMT

A great course. The material was clear and concise.

Caroline Ruhm, LMT, NCTMB

Great Course! Thoroughly Enjoyed it :)

Tammy Gillette, LMBT

The course was professionally presented. By taking it, I have gained new and interesting insight into the application and evaluations involved in effectively performing sports massage. Loved it!

Janice Falcon, LMT

Great course.

James Manda, LMT

Excellent course. Learned some valuable information to use in my practice.

Napoleon Meadors, LMT

The text was easy to understand and well presented in an way that I can apply the techniques to my practice and be able to better help my clients who are athletes.

Jamie Davidson, LMT

Materials were easy to follow and learn and the test fully covered all materials. Very useful and will be helpful in my practice

Stephanie Schaefer, LMBT

This was my favorite class your company offers.

David Hess, LMT, NCTMB

Thank you so much for offering this service it is practical and convenience!!!!!

Ursula Matthews

Loved the book! Learned a lot. Really enjoyed the book! Thanks.

Rebecca Bettcher, LMT

I have had sports massage on my radar as one of the courses I have wanted to take. So glad I did! As I read this book, I was able to apply some of the techniques to the massages I have given over the last eleven days. I intend to reread this book and dedicate a lot of what this book as taught me to memory.

John Coombs, LMT

This course exceeded my expections and one of the most useful courses that I can start using new techniques right away in my practice.

Kimberly Hood, LMT

I was already a little familiar with some of the content, but it was a helpful review. I enjoyed learning new aspects of sports massage and the history and theory behind the techniques. I plan to use what I learned in this course in my massage practice as well as in my own self care routine.

Michael Petillo, LMT, NCTMB

I do enjoy taking home studies because it saves me time traveling and money because I do not have to close my spa and I can still get the satisfaction of learning and keeping up with my CEU’s.

Roslyn Phillip, LMT

The course was very informative and you get a better understanding of sports massage. Clear and to the point. Excellent material to glean from for massage therapist.

Chantal Henry, LMT, NCTMB

I loved this course and learned a lot of new techniques I can use in my practice.

Kayla Young, RMT

It was well versed and easily understandable.

Paul H. Castagnetta, LMT

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Learning Objectives

  1. Communicate how massage can enhance athletic performance, including the evidence for its efficacy.
  2. Describe the application of specific techniques with active movement, including the cautions and contraindications.
  3. Identify specialized massage techniques used in sports massage, including recovery, remedial and rehabilitative massage applications.
  4. Contrast the techniques, guidelines and goals of pre-, inter- and postevent sports massage.
  5. Describe the symptoms of, and first aid for, hyper- and hypothermia and muscle cramps.
  6. Recognize common problem areas for athletes in different sports, including remedial applications for different body regions.
  7. Identify common sports massage body mechanics problems and how to correct them.
  8. Identify how to plan for a season of sports massage, including how athletes and coaches can participate in a sports massage program.
  9. Recognize how sports massage is offered at athletic events, health clubs, in private practice and in sports medicine clinics.
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Sample Text


Many professional and amateur athletes hire their own massage specialists. This is a common practice in individual sports such as running, tennis, figure skating, boxing, and cycling, sports in which athletes have their own coaches, athletic trainers, personal physicians, and other support staff. Sometimes tournament managers (e.g., on a professional tennis circuit) provide a massage specialist for all players. An Olympic team may have its own massage specialist who travels with the team to training camp and to the Games themselves.

Some professional sport teams hire team massage therapists to provide massage to all team members. This assures that athletes will at least receive regular postevent massage, maintenance massage, or both. The logistics of providing massage in those circumstances is similar to in schools (i.e., creating a master schedule, allocating space, providing equipment, and making travel arrangements)." (Understanding Sports Massage by Patricia J. Benjamin & Scott P. Lamp, 2nd ed., 2005, p. 123-124)

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Sample Test Question

How do professional sport teams assure that the athletes receive regular maintenance massage?

  1. they call local massage practitioners in the cities of the upcoming events and arrange massage sessions
  2. they make it a mandatory rule that athletes must supply proof of receiving weekly maintenance massage
  3. they hire team massage therapists to provide massage to the team members
  4. none of the above
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