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Trigger Point Therapy

10 Hour CE Course

Average rating based on the following evaluation questions:

  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

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Trigger point therapy is a proven approach for the relief of soft-tissue pain and dysfunction. The textbook author, Clair Davies, NCTMB, provides a uniquely specific study of trigger point location and alleviation as well as specific cautions and contraindications. This course serves practitioners who want to better understand and reduce their own pain as well as those who want to help their clients. This course does not teach hands-on skills. Please seek additional experience, with a mentor, to add hands-on skills.

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Content Outline

A New Life

  • A new technology; Mechanical ingenuity
  • A world of pain; Recurrent themes
  • Janet Travell and David Simons
  • The essentials; The price of ignorance
  • Trigger point science; The prevalence of TPs
  • Mistaken identity; Validation of TPs; A clear definition; The physiology of TPs
  • TP causes: Avoidable muscle abuse; Unavoidable muscle abuse; Unsuspected muscle abuse
  • Fibromyalgia
  • TP persistence: Physical factors; Nutritional factors, Metabolic factors and Psychological factors
 2.5 Hours

All About Trigger Points (TPs)

  • Finding TPs
  • Central TPs
  • Attachment TPs
  • The mystery of referred pain
  • TP symptoms
  • Referred pain
  • Compression of vessels and nerves
  • Autonomic effects
  • Problems with movement
  • Problems with mood
  • Dyslexia
 2 Hours

Key Trigger Point Massage Concepts

  • Troubleshooting
  • Body mechanics
  • Massage techniques
  • Deep stroking massage tips
  • Saving your hands and fingers
  • Understanding the therapeutic methods
  • Making the methods work
 2 Hours

Pain in Specific Locations and How the Author Triages Its Treatment

  • Head and Neck Pain
  • Shoulder, Upper Back and Upper Arm Pain
  • Elbow, Forearm and Hand Pain
  • Chest and Abdominal Pain
  • Midback, Low Back and Buttock Pain
  • Hip, Thigh and Knee Pain
  • Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot Pain
 2.5 Hours
Resources, Bibliography and References  
Open-book Test and Course Evaluation  1 Hour
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This is one of the most helpful courses I have ever taken! Lots of information.

Irene Thompson, CMT, Mt. Airy, MD

Great course! I already do some trigger point therapy, but this course increased my knowledge and understanding to a whole new level.

Elsie Lintz, M.T. Michael Alan Salon & Day Spa, York, PA

This class gave me skills that I immediately began using on myself. This practice gave me instant feedback, enhanced my learning and brought welcome relief to my own problem areas. I am already using techniques in my massage practice as well. Overall I loved the practicality and ease in learning of this course.

Ellen Eng, RN, Massage Therapist, Carson City, NV

This was one of the most practical and interesting home courses I've taken and the drawings showing trigger points and referred pain areas for each muscle was very good and will be most helpful.

Donna A. Smirl, HHP

I was able to use this material right away to help my clients help themselves. There is so much information here. It is a wonderful resource to go back to time and time again. It is nice you keep the prices low and reasonable because not everyone has a big business.

Dawn - LMT

This is the most useful CE course ever! The textbook does a wonderful job clearly presenting the information in an easy to follow format incorporating multiple learning styles. It suggests numerous approaches for releasing TPs so both beginners, like my 14 y.o. daughter and professionals alike can obtain immediate results. This should be a must read for everyone. Thank you for offering a great course at an affordable price!

Cynthia Koscinch, LMP, CMA

I am inspired by the work of Clair Davies; his passion for the subject, as well as his objective data and anecdotal examples were fascinating. I am excited to try these techniques with myself and my clients.

Crystal C. Guengerich, RN, CMT, Baltimore, MD

I loved the emphasis placed on anatomical landmarks. This course has opened my eyes to referred pain patterns and how to treat them effectively.

Claire Flippen, LMT, Vinton, VA

This course, along with the idea of teaching clients self-care, should be a required part of all massage school curriculum.

Becky, LMT, Corvallis, OR

Enjoyed the course, informative & positive! Thank you!

Jana Lee Hunter, LMP Jopun MO

I was glad to find a course that I could take on a text that I had already read extensively and interested me very much.

Jennifer Bellin, CMT Neenah, WI

This was one of the best continuing education classes I have ever taken. Very easy layout and easy to understand

Lisa Lutz Certified Massage Therapist Green Bay, WI

This was a very convient way to do the CEU requirements.

Margaret Makcey-Jones, CMT Gwynn Oak, MD

Quick and easy to do I like it! Fits my schedule and I learned a lot.

Mary Queen CMT Frederich MD Pearl Nails

I really liked this way of fulfilling my CEUs. It wasn't too time consuming and I actually liked the reading material. I learned a lot and know that this Trigger Point manual will come in handy definitely in the future of all my massages.

Meagan Moser Las Vegas, NV LMT

The best and simpliest method of understanding Trigger Point Therapy.

Michael Wilson, LMP - Maryland

Very informative. A must for every massage therapist.

Nikki Pricken Massage Therapist Riverdale, NJ

It was great to learn how to help clients and also myself through self massage.

Patty Tierney

This course was very educational and I feel I can definitely implement these producers into my massage.

Ronette Moore, NCMT, Amboy, IL

A great way to freshen up what you all ready learned in school but you WILL learn something new!

Silvia Smith, LMT NCTMB Henderson, NV

The materials (Book) provided was very profressional and well written. Great text for this course.

Tania Alvarez, LMT, San Diego, CA

It was very informative. Great class!

Tara Paccillo, NCTMB, North Brunswick, NJ

Great information, I'll keep the book out to refer too. I am using a lot of what I've learned and seeing wonderful results.


This book was very informative and I will use it to help my patients in the near future.

Victoria J. Pendley, LMT,NMT

I loved all the information the book gave on symptoms and causes and treatments. as well as a diagram showing the trigger point and the referred pain pattern, it will be very helpful in my practice. I now feel myself saying, "I bet that pain or symptom is from a trigger point!". I thank you and my clients thank you!

Nicole Smith, LMT

I would have to say that this book was very imformative and expanded my knowledge. The figures helped me a lot being I am very visual. I am glad to have taken this particular course.

Jessica Gerard, LMT

great lessons on self treatment.

Marcella Perino, LMT, NCTMB

An excellent condensed resource for the extensive information involved in trigger point therapy. Loved it.

Michelle Boyer, LMT, NCTMB

I enjoyed reading this book and being able to study at home. I plan to do this again. thanks.

Cathleen Yereance, LMT, NCTMB

great course i have been practicing trigger point therapy for over 20 years and found it it to be a great refresher

Elizabeth Phreed, LMT, NCTMB

Fantastic!! I got a frozen shoulder during this study. The material showed me how to work all the trigger points which in 2 wks time I have gotten my full ROM back. This book ROCKS!! for all locations of pain in the body. What a Gift to be free of pain. Thank you!

Nina Paschenko-Rusling, LMT

I will keep this book close by my side for use with myself and clients. Thank you so much!!

Michele Reiman, LMT, NCTMB

The course kept my attention. Easy reading with valuable information.

Grace Geiser, LMT, NCTMB

So informative. I loved it.

Michele Richard, LMT

I enjoyed the way the book broke down the areas of pain and the possible culprits. It also took it one step farther to give explicit ways to know you are working the right areas.

Annetta Nowell, LMT

Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. Finished in about a weeks time and was throughly impressed by the material not only for my clients benefits but for my own. Thanks

Stephanie Gilliland, LMt, NCTMB

I am a certified neuromuscular therapist, and this was not only a great refresher of NMT, but also the self-help techniques are invaluable to me and to teach my clients. I've been using the Travell & Simons Trigger Point Therapy flip chart in my practice for several years.

Regina Rourk Childress, LMT

Very informative and helpful. Also an excellent review of material.

Valerie Dempsey, LMT

I am excited to use this knowledge in my practice. We did a brief section on trigger points while I was in school for massage. This is so much more vast in the knowledge that was learned. I think this needs to be taught to all massage therapists before the get out of school! Clients will benefit from it greatly!!! Thank you for the course!

Sharon Henry, LMT, NCTMB

I gained so much knowledge and i thought i knew so much about trigger point before taking the course....EXCELLENT..EXCELLENT ...EXCELLENT

Billie Fioretto, LMT, NCTMB

Awesome course learned a lot of how to treat trigger points.

Jessica Lopez, NCTMB

This text is what every massage therapist needs in his or her library. Easy to read and informative text! A fantastic review of muscular function, trigger point theory and healing. This course has been an inspiration to me and helps me to believe I can help myself and my clients as a massage therapist until I choose to retire, rather than forced to retire from my own aches and pains. This is one of the best courses of study I have pursued in my massage continuing education. (I've been at it for 12 years!)

Laura Kruse, LMT, NCTMB

Very interesting and helpful to me and will be motivating information for my clients because their conditions are described and validated.

Claude Hooten, LMT, NCTMB

The course was excellent! I will take additional courses in the future. Thank you.

Erma Mincey, LMT

I loved this! So helpful in my practice and the information is invaluable!

Laura Pagano

i enjoyed this course and i know it will be of great benefit to me

Jacqueline Rainey, LMT

Enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to those seeking to expand their career to include Trigger Point massage into their practice.

Dana King, LMT, NCTMB

WOW !! I have been doing Trigger Point work in my practice for 12 + years - I learned the techniques by studying Meridian Therapy and have had very successful results - I was not sure I would like or learn anything new or different in this course but I was surprisingly pleased - I pretty much was familiar with all of the points but the book gave me a good refresher course in the muscles. I learned so much about causes - prevention - treatments - and the mistaken / misinterpretation of symptoms - I will keep this book as a quick and frequent reference guide - While reading I marked and highlighted many important points for quick recovery - This book was very well written with larger print and great diagrams - very very thorough on all information - This has been by far the most interesting and beneficial CEU class that I have taken

Karen Sides, LMBT

This course was perfect and just what I was looking for. The questions asked lead me to the book for all my answers. I had to find them. Knowing I was going to find them, made it even more fun. Thank you for a very professional business in this field.

Ilisa Green, LMT

Trigger points have always been an interest of mine as a massage therapist. I am always looking for new information to help me in my practice. This course helped me achieve that! Excellent information! Thanks!

Debbie Simpson, LMT

Great for my practice and my personal health!

Suzanne Fleischmann, LMT

I was very satisfied with the book and course and love the idea of being able to take the course at home and the test online. Thank you.

Andrea Gordon, LMT

Certainly filled a gap in my knowledge and i have recomended the book to clients and other therapists.

Jennifer Morris, NCTMB

This course is great, I can use this valuable information to help enhance my practice and help my clients

Tamara Lair, LMP

This course really helped me with self help and showed ways for me to teach clients to help themselves.

Donna Sheppard, LMT

This was an EXCELLENT source of reference & training that will enhance my practice and I will utilize the techniques for self preservation. Wonderful Training!

Karen J. Streichert, CMT Harmony Bodywork & Massage, Reva VA

I suggest this course for all therapists in the musculoskeletal realm. It shows the value of self help. Symptoms that would normally be examined in a doctors office are diagnosed in a limited venue which would require a person to receive prescriptions that may or may not improve the quality of life. Unfortunately it also reveals how much Doctors do not know about the body, and how much becomes a guessing game which requires expensive testing procedures that may be completely unnecessary to one's pocket book. This book takes a lot of the guesswork out which I appreciate greatly! Thank you for providing this course.`

Lisa Vogel, LMBT, NCTMB

This book has been a valuable tool to my learning as a professional. I have been referring to this book for over six years. I am glad I found the CE availability for this book. Thanks!

Bobbie Eddington, LMT, NCTMB

Loved how this course was taught in simple terms that were easy to understand and apply. Thank you!!

Jessica Gousha, LMT

I really enjoyed the book. Clair Davies made the material interesting with stories from his personal life and stories from others with trigger point issues. It is pretty inspirational that he was able to figure out Travell and Simons book and put it into concepts for the lay person and for the professional massage therapist. Thanks!

Rebecca Taylor, LMT, NCTMB

After being out of school for 10 years, this information was highly interesting and very easy to understand. Thank you

Gina Pieretti, LMT

Much was review to me but I did learn some new tings. This was a very much needed refresher course.

Penelope Sinclair, LMP, NCTMB

This course was full of information. After reading this book, I now feel it is very important for me to take some trigger point workshops to better assist my clients!

Joy DiGiovannantonio, CMT

This course was great for self care. I'll even be able to incorporate into my own practice some of the techniques used in this program. I would recommend!

Chasity Skinner, LMT

Heather was very efficient at helping me on the phone. I like having the test, etc online, but appreciate having a person pick up the phone or return a call. I think the workbook is excellent, and the self massage of trigger points has really been beneficial for me. I will recommend the book to clients and friends.

Deborah Ernst, LMT, NCTMB

Great information!! Best course I have taken in a long time!

Nancy Hanlin, LMT, NCTMB

Best course I have done so far. It was informative yet concise and very interesting. I can definitely see myself constantly referring to the book in the future for both me and my clients. Thanks

Jacqueline Bennett, LMT, NCTMB

Found very beneficial and look forward to utilizing in my practice and for self care.

Gina Richard, LMT, NCTMB

I loved that Trigger Point Therapy class. I think it's great to offer one online as there's so much information given, I can't absorb it all just sitting there in a classroom for 2 days. Especially anatomy. I have no idea how many hours I spent as I read page to page. There was so much to learn and the writer was very knowledgable. He made it fairly easy to understand if you followed hiim. I had the opportunity to process the information and pick it up days later and read more. There was a lot to take in. The book explained a lot I will use this book as long as I have my massage practice Great great material.

Leslie Rayman

I loved this course!!

Lacy Dilucchio, RMT, NCTMB

Very informative material and my clients already have benefited from my new knowledge.

Nicole Wilkinson, LMT

I like to take my time when doing independent studying, so I enjoyed the fact that the courses have a very long deadline before having to take the test. The test itself is very useful, and the book will always be with me.

Laurel King, LMT

Very clear information.

Angela White, LMBT NCTMB

The Trigger Point Therapy Course has helped me tremendously as a Fitness Personal Trainer. The workbook is such a treasure to me. Very easy to understand.

Qarah Shalom Tia

I enjoyed it, learned a lot, and can definitely use this in my practice. I highly recommend this course as a "must" for anyone interested in Trigger Point Therapy. Thanks for a great learning experience!

James Roldan, LMT, NCTMB

At first I thought the 1 year deadline to complete this course was extreme but wound up being very happy for it when life took a much different course for me and I had major changes that needed my attentions. Thank you for allowing the extended deadline so I could come back to complete this!

Wendy Littrell, LMT, NCTMB

I am so in love with this book that I plan to develop several self treatment courses for new mothers, older people and in the long run I want to set up a course to teach other massage therapists.

Dea Smith, CMT, NCTMB

Great info that I plan on using daily!

Sarah Lucas, LMT

This course was so interesting! I can't wait to put it to practice.

Lori Martin, LMT, AMTA

The course was very good. There were some contraindications on trigger points that I didn’t know. Thank you.

Barbara Gaydos, LMT

Very happy with the course, and very excited to have a new book to add to my library!

Teresa Langston, LMT

Love this book, very good read and very practical. Pictures are very helpful. I love the self care techniques. Body mechanics being included as well as misdiagnosed symptoms was fascinating.

Olivia Kellar, LMT

I had some exposure on Trigger Points and wanted to gain as much knowledge as possible to help clients with various problems. I read the majority of the text book and will use it as a reference, since there is so much excellent information. I also intend to learn more on this topic! Thank you for offering it as a continuing education course!

Janet Ruckrigl, LMT, NCTMB

Very valuable info and great reference guide. I am clag I finally have taken the time to delve deeper into this area of treatment. I will definitely apply this treatment to my practice and it will be a great benefit to myself as well for the maintenance of my health also.

Kathy Sapinsky, LMT

I liked the ease of finding the areas to work on in the book. It has been put together well. Even though the illustrations are pretty simplistic, it’s easy to find these trigger points. Thank you for offering this material.

Holly Stone, LMT

Good refresher course. I have been using and study trigger points for years so it was fun to see how many questions I could answer without studying the material...I actually did pretty good but studying the text helped me brush up on things I'd forgotten and showed me some things I really didn't know.

George Davis, LMT

I really enjoyed this course and look forward to using this in my practice in the future to help my clients. :)

Gisela Debruyn, RMT

This course dramatically increased my knowledge of specific muscles and their location. My training was sub-par. Additionally, I have already used trigger point therapy in my practice with positive results. I read through the workbook 2 times and plan to continue to study the material. I absolutely loved this course and it has definitely better equipped me to be a successful massage therapist. Thank you.

Mary Dunn, LMT

The information was helpful and I feel more confident when doing deep tissue massage. I will be able to use this to better help my clients.

Melissa Genna, LMT

I will definitely use what I have learned from this course!

Patricia Maitrejean, LMT

The Trigger Point Therapy course was great! As a massage therapist it is often difficult to schedule a massage for myself, so this course has some excellent tips on how to massage yourself anywhere! It may seem like a lot of material, especially if you read the book verses the online program, but in the end it is totally worth it! I highlighted and underlined so many sections of this book and it is so great to be able to teach my clients how to reduce and eliminate their pain all by themselves! Reading this book has once again revealed to me what an AWESOME creator we have! His creation of the human body is astounding!

Hope Joelle Weber

I've done trigger point for years. This was a wonderful refresher course. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot I thought I knew but didn't. Thank you!

Connie Harrison

This course is packed with tons of useful information, and great reference materials in both the book and the online downloads that come with the book for the chart sections. It covers so much information that it is a great addition to any practice for the reference value alone.

Aeryck de Sade

The late Clair Davies & Amber Davies Trigger Point Therapy workbook is an outstanding collection of self help information and case histories that will benefit everyone who reads it. Their literary skills and vast knowledge of TP have provided invaluable information and exemplify the true gift of their dedication to help others. An excellent reference book for my family, friends and clients!!!

Maria Mahl

I learned a lot about trigger points that I can relay back to my clients and use on myself to help relieve some of my own pain and discomfort. I'm definitely going to recommend Claire Davies' book to others needing some pain relief.

John Duello, LMT

The test is straight forward and follows the text and easy to find the answers.

Jennifer McDonald, RMT

This course was broken down into simple terms that are easy to convey to clients. The protocols for self-treatment are easy to follow and practice. This course not only shares effective methods for treating our client's pain, but is invaluable to manual therapists who need to treat their own pain.

Sharon Leake, LMT

This course was a great review of muscle trigger points, their patterns, and strategy for client pain relief in areas where, even modern technical procedures, cannot locate or alleviate painful joint and muscle movements.

Valerie Terriberry, LMT, BCTMB

Initially, I thought I can easily breeze through this course as revision. Definitely not. This course was filled with new information, It was well-researched and professionally put together. Great ending with chapter 12 concerning tension, emotional stress and a system to handle it. No regrets.

Gilbert H. John Sr., CMT, BCTMB

I enjoyed that the information was both for the therapist and for the client. I appreciated that the book had illustrations, easy to find referral points and was very clear overall. I will certainly put this information to work right away and have already had success with my own trigger points as I was reading the book and finding them on myself!

Andrea Medlin, LMT

The book provided for this course was very easy to understand. The methods of treatment were easy to understand and apply. The information was very helpful. I did email when I forgot my username and password and did not receive a response so that is when I decided to call instead. When I called customer service they were very helpful.

Ashley Ellis, LMT

Great amount of useful info - pics very helpful.

Jeffrey Schroeder, LMT, BCTMB

Fantastic text and course for the price! I learned quite a bit of new information to use in my practice.

Sarah Carr, LMT

Boy these courses are hard as in "not easy"!! This course and the Orthopedic Massage are probably the two best. They are all good, but these two are just packed with material that can be easily transfers to my massage practice.

Richard C. Catlett, CMT

I LOVE this information! Thank you for offering the class and thank you for the option of extending the class when I had allowed it to expire!

Lynette K. Bailey, LMT

Course was great! Excellent book

Lauren Furey, RMT

Great course! Excellent review of muscles and function! Interesting read and presentation.

Carolyn Landers, LMP

This course provided valuable material and references to a great modality. This will definitely be a program I will be using to improve my skills as a massage therapist!

Judy Anderson, LMT, BCTMB

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Learning Objectives

  1. Identify what trigger points (TPs) are, how they are created and the ways they commonly manifest in the body
  2. Identify the prevalence and physiology of trigger points
  3. Identify how trigger points are caused
  4. Describe how to find many central and attachment trigger points
  5. Define the term "referred pain" and describe how to identify it in a client
  6. Identify ways to maintain healthy body mechanics and prevent injury to your hands when working on trigger points
  7. Using the textbook as a reference, identify the 2 most common trigger point locations in each of these areas: head and neck; shoulder, upper back and upper arm; elbow, forearm and hand; chest and abdomen; mid-back, low back and buttocks; hip, thigh and knee; lower leg, ankle and foot.
  8. Identify the self-massage techniques that clients can use to continue their therapy at home; how to treat your own trigger points, and how to prevent their return
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Sample Text

"Suboccipital Muscles

The suboccipital (sub-ahk-SIH-pih-tul) muscles are located right below the base of the skull; the occiput is the back of the head. The suboccipitals consist of four small muscles on each side, each running at a different angle, connecting the top two vertebrae to the skull and to each other (Figure 4.19).


Suboccipital trigger points cause pain that feels like it's inside the head, extending from the back of the head to the eye and forehead (Figure 4.20). It feels like the whole side of the head hurts. This sensation is typical of what you experience with a migraine headache. The treatment of suboccipital trigger points should be part of any approach to dealing with migraine (1999, 472-476).

Oddly enough, suboccipital trigger points don't usually cause neck pain. They can, however, play an important part in neck stiffness. The upper three suboccipitals on each side control nodding and tilting and can inhibit these movements if afflicted with trigger points. The lowest of the suboccipitals, the obliquus capitis inferior, connects the top two vertebrae where most of the rotation of the head occurs. This little muscle's trigger points restrict rotation and cause sharp pain high on the side of the neck when you've turned your head as far as it will go. This special muscle can be most effectively worked with supported fingers. The opposite hand crosses over in front so that both hands reach behind from the same side. It's the same tool as illustrated in Figure 4.47, except that the fingers are placed behind the ear just below the base of the skull." (The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook 2nd ed. by Clair Davies, NCTMB, 2004, p. 62-63)

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Sample Test Question

Trigger points in the suboccipital muscles usually cause pain in the:

  1. shoulders
  2. top of the head
  3. side of the head
  4. throat
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