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17 Hour CE Course

Average rating based on the following evaluation questions:

  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

Enrollment Options

Text and Charts Shipped; Video and Test Online

Contents: Text and foot chart shipped to you. online video and multiple-choice test.


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In this reflexology continuing education course, Laura Norman teaches us how reflexology can reduce pain, improve circulation, bolster immunity and provide a sense of balance, relaxation, and well-being. Reflexology works with subtle energy flows, revitalizing the body so that the natural internal healing mechanisms of the body can do their own work.

Through text and video, you will learn reflexology techniques (based primarily on the theory of zone therapy) to enable you to begin practicing on yourself and with others.

This course is designed to provide sufficient knowledge to begin safe practice within the scope of personal needs or licensure qualifications of the certified health practitioner.

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This course far exceeded my expectations. Very informative and easy to understand. I've had other reflexology courses but none competed with this one. I've always added some reflexology with my massages but now am very excited to add more moves. My clients will be thrilled.


Great course - well presented!! I learned a lot from all the wonderful material you sent with the course. The book was very easy to read, follow and understand. And, I love the DVD and charts that came with the course. Yes, I will definitely incorporate into my practice!! Thanks!


This was an excellent course with not only the well written book, the charts, and the instructional DVD. The DVD made it real since I could practice along with Laura Norman while she was working. I am very pleased with this course.

C. Carbone, LMT, NCTMB, IMA

I love the convenience of taking the quiz online and getting my certificate immediately. This course is excellent and will be an asset to my career as a massage therapist. I enjoyed learning about reflexology and will definitely use it in my practice. The DVD with the course is great and I love being able to go back and use it as a reference along with the wall charts. Thank you.

Z. Crouch, LMT, AMTA

I truly loved the course. I found it very interesting with lots of information. I have found my clients, family and friends more calm and peaceful when I'm working or practicing on them."

E. Jordan, NCTMB, ABMP

Thank you for a fun and interesting class. I am enjoying using some of the techniques I learned. So are my clients!

Deborah Caudle, CMT

I have to say I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this course, it passed my expectations completely. I was so excited when I got the materials in the mail, that I stayed up half the night studying and learning the material. I couldn't put the book down. I am very excited to incorporate what I have learned not only into my professional life but also my personal life. Thank you so much for offering this course.

Angela Till, LMT

Awesome course! Highly recommended.

Keven Robinson, LMT, NCTMB

This is a great book that came along with the reflexology course.

Alicia Miller, LMT, NCTMB

This was by far the best text book for reflexology. Laura Norman's writing style along with the demonstration and DVD was more than a review for me. It was crucially insightful. This has been my favorite course thus far. Thanks!

Asher Johnson, CMT, NCTMB

That was very informative.

Coralie Thurston, LMT, NCTMB

This was a very impressive introduction to reflexology and I found the material to be very helpful for enhancing my massage business. I was very happy with this course and I look forward to practicing and offering reflexology to my clients!

Marielle Shoffstall, LMT

Excellent guide for massage therapists, clear and well-organized.

Taj Ripley, CMT, NCTMB

This was a simple, straight forward course that anyone can use. The descriptions and techniques described in both the book and video, can be applied by anyone, not just health professionals. I will definitely be applying it in my massage and energy healing practice as well on my friends and family.

Justice Bartlett, LMP

This was the first online course I have taken and I was very impressed with the information presented in the book and video I received.

Ellen Neumann, LMT, NCTMB

I like that the course came with a DVD that I can refer to in the future and the book was excellent.

Tracie Butler, LMT

I was introduced to Reflexology in massage school. Being able to learn at my own pace, in my own ways, with a thorough and well designed text gave me a solid understanding by the time I reached the DVD for practical application. I would recommend this course to those who enjoy independent study.

Fred Isom, LMT, NCTMB

Very useful, informative, and helpful.

Joey Sloan, LMT, NCTMB

I really liked this course I would recommend it to my co-workers

Nancy Elliott, CMT

Enjoyed it!

Deborah Pancoast, LMT, NCBTMB

I loved the course. I am able to further my career and help people in more ways

Jaime Harper, LMT

Excellent book and DVD!

Dayna Fulkerson, LMT, CMT

Wonderful material, and I'm thankful it's available on-line and by video and textbook!!

Virginia Schmitt, LMT

I was pleased with the course and the online site. The book was very helpful and informative. Thank you!

Todd Brasington, LMT

Love Reflexology...good summary from the course in school!

Pamela LaScola, LMT, NCTMB

This course has exceeded my expectations! The text was clear and informative. I feel confident in the knowledge I've gained and look forward to more courses from your Institute. Thank you for a great class.

Maureen Carr

This was a fabulous course and the test was straight forward. This is a must have for anyone who is looking for more hours towards there certification or just want to understand the body and reflexology better. I highly recommend this course.

Trishonna Benton, CMT

This course was very straight forward, and easy to learn. not overwhelming at all. I am very confident and will definitely use this in my practice.

Andrian Englezos

Loved the materials for this course. Learned a lot to use on clients.

Dawn Wason, LMT

Very good information. Met my expectation of an on line CE course.

Alyssa Klasek, LMT

Using test to read for an answer, made me more focused, and I was able to take in more of the material, the first time through the reading. This a great way to learn.

Philip Schultz, NCTMB

Thank you very much and I look forward to taking more courses through your site!

Danielle Walker

Thanks!! I love Reflexology and will use what I have learned every time I work on a client. The staff is wonderful.

Mary Pancoast

I enjoyed all course materials and thought both the book and included DVD were very helpful in my learning process. The DVD went along with the book very well and for an online course I think is necessary especially if you are both a visual and audio learner.

Brooke Gambill, LMBT

Very nice course thank you.

Nichole Barker

I've tried other books to learn Reflexology but it just never made sense to me, this course was very informative and the accompanying DVD really brought it all together.

Lori Price, CMT, NCTMB

Great information and a very thorough course!

Jennifer Rowley, LMT

The book was extrememly concise & informative. Loved all the illustrations. Chock full of info!

Patty Harris, LMT

I would recommend Reflexology to any Massage Therapist!! Amazing course, I'm stoked to be able to use this in my practice!

Heidi Mayo, LMT

Very interesting and thorough. I really enjoyed the video and course material. It has renewed my interest in further pursuing reflexology.

Elaine Cloder, LMT

This course was very educational for me enlightened my understanding to the body as a whole. Would like to take other courses to advance my knowledge in the Healthcare field. Wish I had came across this course sooner, but better late than never. Will recommend to others of like subjects.

Tuwania Johnson

This was a very informative course. Very in depth.

Karen E. Martin, LMT

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it is presented in a well laid out manner using language that is easy to understand. I appreciate the hand and foot maps included. I used them while watching the video for a way to actually "see" the zones & reflexes as they correspond to the organs. I am a visual learner so the video is a GREAT thing for me. I can watch it over & over use it while I practice the techniques.

Sheila K. Vincent, LMT

The course materials exceeded my expectations.

Margaret Webb, CMT

Thank you so much for offering such an informative, through and interesting reflexology course. I found the CD particularly helpful to me. I will be incorporating reflexology into my clinical massage practice as well as in my personal life.

Jennifer Mendoza, LMT

I’ve taken many courses through the years. This was the BEST!

Meredith Stuart Lees, LMT

Excellent course, easy and informative to learn! Feet are so often not cared for, but contain so much vital connection to proper function of every organ. I Loved this course!

Richard Kucinski, LMT

This was a wonderful course- very clear and easy to understand. The text was so well written. I have other books on reflexology, but this one was easier to follow. The diagrams were clear and the extra laminated hand and foot charts are fabulous. I really feel like I got my monies worth with this course and also the polarity course. Thank you.

Ellen Feldman, LMT

This was an excellent course and the extensive material will long be a source of information.

Marjorie Rezvyi, LMT, NCTMB

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The materials were excellent! The book is very well written with thorough explanation and lots of helpful illustrations. I really appreciated Laura Norman's unassuming style of writing. I think even someone with minimal anatomy background could even follow and comprehend. The DVD is excellent and the included foot chart are both helpful tools for further use. The book, also, will continue to be a useful reference- Also, the test questions were very organized by chapters from the book and very direct -- not convoluted "trick" questions. I am excited to work on the techniques and apply them in future work.

Linda Ann Finley

I would like to personally thank Laura Norman for her dedication in this field and for her broad viewpoint. I highly respect the fact that she included such in-depth knowledge and personal experience on the subject of Reflexology and its many applications.

Courtney Kraeger, LMT

Laura Norman's "Feet First A Guide to Foot Reflexology" was a clear and concise training manual. It was easy to read and to follow and the DVD was immensely helpful, showing the actual technique at work. I look forward to adding these techniques into my practice. I highly recommend this course.

Carol Joyce, LMT

This course was great. There is a lot of detailed information for specific ailments that I will be going back to again and again. As for the test, it was set up nicely where it when chronologically through the book which made it easier for checking answers.

Kelly Payne, LMBT

The material was for the most part so clear and concise that this was the first time I can recall actually enjoying taking a test!

Ellyn Rae, LMT

The course was very informative and I was provided with all the materials I needed to complete it. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to participating in other courses that are offered

Debra Brown, CMT

loved the video

Karen Caito, LMT

This course was very effective for distance learning. It was very informative and interesting to me and beneficial to my practice.

Erin McIntire, LMT

I loved the course! I find that the book will be very helpful to me to refer back to. A lot of information to take in.

Sandy Smith, LMT, BCTMB

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Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the stages of life and activities that are important to quality of life; work, play, parenting, nurturing.
  • Summarize the effects of reflexology. Explain how reflexology works including role of the feet. Create a general map of the zones/divisions of the feet and locate reflex areas in the body.
  • Recognize location of organs on foot.
  • Describe 15 relaxation techniques; illustrate how to hold the foot and explain 6 key techniques and demonstrate on key areas of the foot. Describe what clients may feel.
  • Give 5 examples of ways to prepare for a session; list supplies needed; outline a complete reflexology session, including relaxation steps; give one alternate.
  • Identify how stress affects the body; list 5 symptoms of stress; point out 3 ways reflexology can neutralize the effects of stess and relax the body.
  • Classify the reflex areas used for overcoming fatigue; eye, neck and shoulder strain; building up energy reserves; high or low blood pressure; travel stress; boosting immune system; calming down.
  • Summarize the routine in reflexology sessions for couples and list the benefits.
  • Summarize the routine in reflexology for women and disorders associated with women’s issues.
  • Summarize the routine in reflexology for children’s issues.
  • Summarize the routine in reflexology sessions for older people.
  • Summarize the routine in reflexology sessions for athletes.
  • Distinguish three ways to use reflexology to overcome addictive behavior; summarize routine.
  • Determine a reflexology routine for those individuals with terminal illnesses.
  • Summarize steps in a routine to address the various systems in the body for health and vitality.
  • Determine reflex areas to work on for associated conditions.
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