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Preventing Medical Errors

3 Hour CE Course

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  3. I gained new knowledge.
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Learn why medical errors contribute to high health care costs and why it's important to design your massage practice to increase safety for your clients and yourself. This course meets most states' risk management and medical errors requirements.

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Content Outline

Problem Review and Background
0.3 hour
Institute of Medicine Recommendations
0.3 hour
Leadership and Knowledge 0.3 hour
Identifying and Learning from Errors
0.3 hour
Setting Performance Standards and Expectations
0.3 hour
Implementing Safety Systems
0.4 hour
Recommendations for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers
0.4 hour
Summary and References 0.3 hour 
Open-Book Test and Course Evaluation 0.4 hour
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I lost a family member to a medical error in a teaching hospital. Knowing the statics, then taking this course allowed me to believe emotional instinct was right, our health care system needs to be re-evaluated.

Amanda Lea Probus, LMBT

A great learning tool for ANY professional.

Barry Eackloff, LMT, BA

I enjoyed and took a lot away from this course

Logan King, NC

The course was straightforward and very informational.

Madelon Amburg, NCLMT Boston, MA

Short & Sweet - I learned a great deal and it wasn't overwhelming.

Ms. Molly Sweeney, M.S., CMT, Bethesda, MD

Good learning materials, very helpful.

Rosmarie Young-Krieder San Diego, CA

The course was educational and well planned out

Sherrie Wallace, LMT

Great to use in everyday practice for Massage Therapists!

William Laquale, SeeKink Massage Therapy

Good course.

Timothy Gosney, LMT

Thank you. Very interesting and helpful!

Madia Swicord, LMT

I learned a lot of things I didn't know about.

Chevele Hardiman, LMT, NCTMB

This helped me understand how all entities of govenment work with the board of health.

Diana Forrest, LMT

Very useful information.

Katie Barfield

Very informative, very well written and clear presentation. I feel like this course will better benefit me and my clients. Thank you!

Sarah Massey, LMT

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Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the Institute of Medicine safety recommendations.
  2. Describe ways to simplify key work processes and avoid over-reliance on memory and vigilance.
  3. Apply the Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice to sample cases.
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Sample Text


Performance standards and expectations for health professionals should focus greater attention on patient safety. Health professional licensing bodies should: (1) implement periodic re-examinations and re-licensing of doctors, nurses, and other key providers, based on both competence and knowledge of safety practices and (2) work with certifying and credentialing organizations to develop more effective methods to identify unsafe providers and take action"  (Preventing Medical Errors by Sharon Burch, 2007)

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Sample Test Question

Recommendation 7.2 states that health care professional licensing bodies should:

  1. Work with certifying and credentialing organizations to develop more effective methods to identify unsafe providers and take action
  2. Provide incentives to health care organizations to demonstrate continuous improvement in patient safety
  3. Work with physicians to establish responses to problems that concern patient safety
  4. Develop and enforce standards for the design of drug packaging and labeling that will maximize safety in use
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