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Prenatal & Pediatric Massage

1 Hour CE Course

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Fully Online Materials and Test

Contents: 4 original online articles; plus online multiple-choice test



Review the benefits of massage for pregnant clients, their infants and children. Combining four articles written especially for the Institute's Massage Professionals Update E-newsletter, this brief program will provide insights into:

  • Differentiating between a massage caution and massage contraindication when working with high-risk, pregnant clients.
  • Providing parents with help for their colicky infant.
  • Myofascial release providing ways to improve common childhood problems stemming from myofascial restrictions.
  • How massage therapy can be used to reduce aggression.

In the brief Prenatal & Pediatric Massage program we've combined four articles written especially for the Institute's Massage Professionals Update. These four articles include:

  • High-Risk Pregnancy: Massage Caution or Contraindication - Women with high-risk pregnancies are often deprived of bodywork, even though they can benefit the most. Differentiation between a massage caution and massage contraindication will guide therapists with a desire to work with high-risk pregnant clients.
  • Helping Clients Help Their Colicky Infant - Appropriate for kids of all ages, learn how myofascial release can improve many common childhood problems stemming from restrictions in the body's elaborate web of connective tissue.
  • Pediatric Myofascial Release - Appropriate for kids of all ages, learn how myofascial release can improve many common childhood problems stemming from restrictions in the body's elaborate web of connective tissue.
  • Massage Helps Aggressive Youths - Even in young children, aggressive behavior can become problematic if not addressed early. Proven to reduce aggression in preschoolers and adolescents, massage therapy is emerging as a top choice for helping aggressive youths.

You can either read the articles by clicking on any of the titles above or upon enrollment you'll be able to access these articles and your online test through your online course account.

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Enjoyable! Thanks for compiling this wonderful information. It is definitely a compilation of valuable info.

H. Dillon LMT, ABMP

This was exactly what I wanted! The course was short and to the point but still held a lot of good information!

J. Skinner LMT

My daughter had colic when she was young, i wish i would have known this information then.

Justine White, LMT

Course was great!

Jamie Glazener, LMT

Very easy to understand. Material was straight forward.

Danielle Ungaro, LMT, NCTMB

I started to think this is too easy, but then I realized I was only getting one CE hour for this course. That changed my perspective, observing I did more reading than usual. It was also quite a bit less expensive than attending a classroom. Thanks a bunch. I can now relax knowing I've met my required CE hours until next year.

Joseph Tomlinson, LMT

Detailed and helped tremendously

Lauren Ryals, LMBT

Very interesting and enjoyed thoroughly.

Tina Graf, LMT, NCTMB

Brilliant, clear information. I will use again.

Sue Hall

This course made me more committed to doing massage for my children.

Angela Holcomb, LMT

Enjoyed this and am inspired to train more in this field, particularly in the reduction of aggressive behaviour :)

Sian Nolan, LMT, NCTMB

Good information!

Tiffany Behler, LMP

Great info for youth who knew aggresstion in children could be taken down with simple touch. Thank you a real eye opener and good info.

Fikisha Tang, LMT

Love that I can print and keep the course information for future reference!

Anatasia Pumphrey, LMT

I enjoyed the topics included in this course.

Todd Sher, LMT

Awesome program! Can't wait to get more CEUs.

Ashley Brummer, CMT, NCTMB

Excellent course! Very easy to read and comprehend. The information was clear and concise. A wonderful refresher course for me!

Deborah Cole, LMT

I love the institute. This course is going to be an asset to my practice. My prenatal clients are passing the word! Thx a mill!

Vivian Bethea, LMT

The knowledge I gained from this information will be used to expand my practice. The material flowed well and was comprehensible. I look forward to taking my next course with Intergrative Institute.

Tekedra Terry, LMT

Providing bodywork on both pre/post-natal care for years, I was happy with more explanation on conditions of 'high-risk' pregnancy. For a therapist who 'fears' prenatal massage I encourage you to take this course. Myofacial release on children...that will be another course for me. This can be great to become certified and your main practice.

Misty Newhouse, LMT

This was great! Thank you.

Lauren Turbyfield, LMT

Very concise and easy to digest information. I feel like I m taking away knowledge I can utilize in my practice.

Steven Mendoza, LMT

very good information on prenatal and pediatric massage!!!!

Robin Warren, LMBT

I am planning massage classes at my work as a resource for moms with one of my clients who is a Douala. This course has been a great resource Thanks!

Jane Pulford, LMT

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify what factors put a pregnant woman in a high-risk category and under which circumstances massage can be administered safely.
  • Describe the pathology of colic and identify which massage techniques can be taught to the parents of a colicky baby.
  • Describe the history of myofascial release and explains how it can be effectively used on children.
  • Explain why some children have problems with aggression and how research has shown that massage therapy with that kind of behavior.
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