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Myofascial Release

20 Hour CE Course

Average rating based on the following evaluation questions:

  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

Enrollment Options

Manual Shipped; Videos and Test Online

Contents: Manual shipped to you. Videos and multiple-choice test online.


DVDs, Manual and Test Shipped to You

Contents: 2 DVDs, manual and workbook with multiple-choice test shipped to you.


DVDs and Manual Shipped; Test Online

Contents: 2 DVDs and manual shipped to you. online multiple-choice test.


Fully Online Materials and Test

Contents: Video, manual and multiple-choice test all online.


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Explore the therapeutic benefits of Myofascial Release and discover how to use this excellent modality to help free fascial restrictions, increase range of motion, evaluate and improve postural distortions and breathing capacity in your clients.

In this myofascial release training you will discover the anatomy of fascia and the location of the fascial lines running throughout the body, including the transverse diaphragms. You will also learn myofascial release techniques that you can easily integrate into your massage practice to ease your client's pain and restriction of motion.

Myofascial release gets great results and can be integrated into any treatment protocol by Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Chiropractors.

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I was hesitant at first to take a home study course because I didn't think it would be as effective as attending a class. I was pleasantly surprised by the video instruction and found it to be more beneficial than a class. The instruction was clear and the camera angles were good for viewing the techniques. It's great to pause on techniques and rewind. I will definitely refer to these videos in the future. Now that I know what your courses are like, I will continue to take CE courses that you offer.

A. Carter, NCMT

This was the best course ever. I learned so much, and I use the techniques whenever I can. I will also order other tapes, to get new ideas.

H. Balzarek, LMT, NCTMB, AMTA

Very educational, the course and content were very interesting to me and presented in a way that it was very easy to learn and understand.

J. Cashion, LMT

I enjoyed this home-study course. I feel all the materials learned will enhance my practice greatly. I definitely plan on choosing more home-study courses from this Institute. Thank you.

T. Fielman-Nielsen, LMT, NCTMB

This is a fabulous course! Viewing the videos and reading the texts appealed to my visual learning style. Watching the videos while I did my hands-on practice sessions was especially helpful for me in learning the techniques. Thank you for an overall wonderful continuing ed experience!


Very professional and informative. Cleanly presented. This is the first online course I've ever taken, and I am so pleased with the results - I've learned a great deal that I can apply in practice, and I am thrilled to have done it at my own pace, on my own time. Thanks!

A. Iadarola, LMT, NCTMB, AMTA

All the information was clear and easy to understand! I learned a lot from your courses that I have already completed. I plan to do all of my continuing education with you when possible. Thank you!

V. Steiner, LMT

I have taken several in-person myofascial release courses and found this to be a great reference and refresher. I like that the information was clear and simple.

Kathleen Hagen, LMT

Very much enjoyed how straight forward this course was. Great new techniques to incorporate into my practice!

Cassy Smith, LMT

Great information for fascial work!

Gina Giambra, LMT

Great instructional videos. Very detailed and the demonstrations were excellent.

Marcus Sanders, LMT

I was able to implement these techniques into my practice immediately. Several clients have really enjoyed the new techniques.

Joy DiGiovannantonio, CMT, NCTMB, ABMP

This was an excellent course. I loved the way the video followed the book by lesson. Made it easy to follow along and practice and do again as needed. Will buy more courses from you. Thanks.

Judith Owen, LMT, NCTMB, ABMP

Best course I have taken. Very informative. I will go back again and again to the tapes.

Ann Tarvin, CMT, NCTMB, ABMP

The content of the course is very useful.

Regina Parisio, NCTMB

I really enjoyed this course. The content was interesting and very helpful to my clients. I loved everything about the course. It was great!

Stacey Pennington, LMT

This course met and exceeded my expectations. I have done work in myofascial release for years and the course has reinforced and strenthened my understanding of the technique. The dvd is outstanding! While I did not complete all of the demonstrations during the time that I was reading, watching and testing (due to time restrictions and having no subject to work with for the moment), I fully intend to work through the program with a massage therapist as soon as possible. It really is very motivational

Catherine Emery, LMT, NCTMB

Great course! The material and DVD were very clear and easy to follow and understand.

Carmen Lea Vojtasek, LMT, NCTMB, ABMP

Fantastically done! I learned a lot! Being able to read the text and see the demos being done all from my own home was both handy and very educational! Thanks!

Sarah Tyler, RMT

I loved it! It has made me eager to continue learning more about the fascia and myofascial release. It is one of the few techniques that I have read about that I totally get and will definitely use in my practice.

Dee Sieger, LMT, NCTMB, ABMP

The information was very informative and I liked the videos which allowed me to visually see the demonstrations before attempting to practice them on someone else.

Margaret Allen, LMT, NCTMB

It was a good course. The videos were very informative and showed clear examples of the strokes and movements. Very good and very useful.

Noel Pilotin, LMT, NCTMB

This course was very interesting and I was totally surprised at the insight it gave on the human body. It will indeed be very useful in my practice.

Judy Murphy, LMT

Love this course. It will be very useful in my practice.

Jaymie Garner, CMT, LMT, NCTMB, AMTA

I am a seasoned Pilates practitioner (PMA-CPT) and studio owner. I am always looking for ways to earn CECs which will enable me to better serve the needs of my diverse set of clients. Because I have exhausted the continuing education courses geared toward Pilates, and because I was interested in learning a complementary discipline that would serve as a corollary to my practice, I enrolled Myofascial release. Initially I thought an on-line course would not be educational or challenging. Fortunately I was wrong. This course was excellent. My clients love the work and we are all very pleased with the results. I recommend this course to anyone interested in body work or the healing arts.

Kelley Watson

I did a lot of practice work with my family as I watched the video. This work is awesome and I am excited to begin bringing it into my own practice. My clients thus far have found a great deal of relief and I find it is much, much easier on me. Great course. I love this work and hope to get more advanced training in it.

Tammy Forbes, LMT, NCTMB, ABMP

I'm very grateful for this program, it has helped me to understand how to evaluate and address postural issues. I have taken structural bodywork classes and no one else made it as simple as this program. This work easily integrates into my deep tissue and cranial sacral work. I think it will take a lot of practice to truly master, but I'm so happy I took this class.

Vanessa Norton, LMT, NCTMB, AMTA

I am very happy I took this course! Thanks Natural Wellness.

Nely Reyes-Hannon, LMT

Sean Riehl's knowledge of the human body and energies is quite apparent. This is the first time I have ever done an online class and was very impressed.

Tamara Reitz, LMT, NCTMB

I learned so much from following the videos with the materials.

Diana L. Kanosky, LMT

My clients have greatly benefited from the knowledge I obtained in this class. The instructor on the video had the best instruction I have received on Myofascial Release. And the accompanying text/workbook was very informational. Thank you for the course!!

Roxanne Joslin, LMT, NCTMB

I would like to thank you for offering such a great course. The written information and dvd's you provided were very concise and easy to follow. This Myofascial Release course was a great alternative to attending a much more expensive class at an institution! Thanks again.

Henry Jimenez, LMT

This course was fascinating!! I absolutely loved it and would recommend to all therapists!!!

Shannon Tuck

Great course. I felt I learned a good all-round amount of information that covered practical and theory examples. I like the fact I could work when I wanted to. Now I have finished this course I feel safe in the knowledge that my clients safety will be maintained from the process and techniques I have learned.

Allana Collopy, AAMT

Excellent course information... loved watched videos very helpful

Theresa Marshall Pac, LMT, NCTMB

I found Sean's presentation very well done. He obviously knows his subject, is enthusiastic, and it was great to see him putting the techniques into action in the videos. I think I'll be able to incorporate some of what he discussed into my own work with clients. To me, in its way, myofascial release is the western equivalent of some eastern massage traditions. It was also a wonderful reminder to slow down and trust the healing power of the work. Thanks so much!

Diane Perkins- Ducey, LMT

Very interesting course, wonderful complement to the craniosacral therapy that I do already. I am excited to go back and review all the DVD's for this course again. There is a lot of information to absorb at once. I cannot wait to try it on clients.

Felicia Cawley, LMT

The information presented was delivered in a clear and concise manner. I especially enjoyed the Kinesthetic Evaluation. I will be able to immediately apply what I learned here to my practice. This will enhance my ability to focus and address areas of imbalance.

Carol Joyce, LMT

The advanced video(2) was extremely helpful with looking for misalignment of the body and what areas to massage to bring client back to standard position.

Amy Alexander, LMT

Altough I am still learning and practicing the material from this course I have had wonderful success so far using what I've learned. It has been one of the most interesting and most importantly, effective courses I have taken in 25 years of practice. Only regret, of course, I wish I had experienced this sooner. I will continue to incorporate myofascial release techniques into my practice.

Nancy Bollinger, LMT

Great! Loved this course. It gave great info.

Lauren Hextell, NCTMB

Good course for my CEU and updating my techniques!

Yaan Zheng, RMT

I'm so glad I decided to take this course. The materials were super helpful and I'm excited to apply the techniques in my practice.

Melissa Holmes, LMT

Best course I've taken lately.

Mary Ruebush, LMT, NCTMB

I would highly recommend this course!

Lisa Winton, LMT, NCTMB

I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for sixteen years and have received massages over that time. I have been interested in Myofascial release after receiving it from therapists. I’m so excited that you include 2 DVD’s so I can continue to refresh in my profession from time to time.

Shamani Longville, LMT

On 11/06/2015 I completed my 9000th massage. Because of this vast experience and some knowledge of Myofascial Release, after reading the material and looking at the DVD, I was almost immediately ready to include the material into my routines.

Gilbert H. John, Sr., NCTMB

I have thoroughly enjoyed utilizing what I learned in this class for Myofascial Release for my clients. This class is helping me save my hands from over-use. I wish I had learned this would have saved me a world of hurt in my wrist.

Marjorie Byrd

This was the best course so far! I enjoyed the lecture style of the videos and the text information was super clear and to the point. More from this instructor!

Johnathan Pina

This was well designed course. The videos were very informative and clear examples of the strokes and movements. I preferred reading the text before viewing the videos. I look forward to using this knowledge in my massage therapy practice. Thanks to Sean for putting together this great course.

Ann Schachinger

This class was GREAT! I've been doing myofascial work for many years and this class opened my eyes to some new ways to approach specific client issues. The video's demonstrating the techniques were clear and it was easy to follow along in the textbook. Even though it took a considerable length of time to finish the class, it was well worth the investment.

Maryjane O'Connor

Thank you so much for presenting information on myofascial release which includes DVD so that we can read, see and then perform while having the opportunity to look back and see the details again and play over the DVD to learn each techniques.... Thank you so much and please continue to do CEU with DVD, it is an amazing way to learn and we can always go back and review the techniques anytime we want.. Thanks again and am very interested in your next course!

Rosemary A. Chaudoir, LMT

The myofascial release course was very informative, put together well and it held my attention from start to finish. I highly recommend that other LMT's purchase this course if you are interested in the application of myofascial release. This course teaches you the practical application with various techniques, it explains how the stretches and holds are engaging and affecting the fascia, and any contraindications. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel confident in my learning experience to apply this modality in my practice.

Jonathan Tejeda, LMT

I really liked this course. It broke down a complex subject into an easy to understand format. I will definitely be implementing the course work into my practice in the future.

Tamera Kowalski, LMBT

The material explained what actually happens, whereas in some of the good hands-on courses a person is just taking it on faith. The written material was nice to be able to understand how it actually happens in the body.

Scott McCullen, LMT

This was probably one of the best continuing education classes I've taken in 10 years.

Deirdre Kelly, CMT

Very clear and support was there if needed. I love the format of having visual demonstration along with reading.

Melissa Parkhurst, LMT

All course materials were clear and well written and excellent videos! I enjoyed the information and it is helpful in my practice. Thank you!

Jane Feldblum, LMT

I enjoyed it very much - It's a course that beyond taking the test, requires the individual therapist to continue study and develop the instincts and pure confidence to professionally use for a practice. The course is wonderful and is of a great assistance in clients needs. I will be doing more business with you folks. My present clients benefited dearly.

James J. Mikulich, LMT

I have many clients who are already benefiting from this course.

Tammy J. Shannon LMT

Thank you for providing these classes. The material was very well organized and the videos helped me because I am more of a visual person. I was very clear on what I was reading and have gained a lot of knowledge from this Myofascial Release course.

Melissa Handschuh, LMT

The materials were very easy to follow and will be a good guide to have to refer to. The videos were very helpful!!

Pamela Harrison, LMT

I plan to watch the videos from this course over and over. The course is jam packed with myofasical techniques and ideas that I plan to integrate into my practice. I particularly liked the discussion on how to apply myofascial release to clients with forward head posture.

Jenny Steichen, LMT

I love Myofascial Release work and learned many new things to work towards structural integration. The DVD was done nearly 20 years ago but is timeless in its information and applied techniques. The precautions given were very important and students should all explore those at] little more deeply before working on elderly etc. I previously took this same teachers Lymphatic Drainage course and they're both excellent!!!

Sarah Lauderdale, CMT

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify 3 types of connective tissue and properties of fascia.
  • Understand cross-linkages, adhesions and 4 rules of myofascial release techniques.
  • Experience the fascia in your own body.
  • Explain the importance of skin in joint mobility and how to release the superficial fascia.
  • Describe 4 scar release techniques.
  • Utilize kinesthetic evaluation for ankle, knee, hip and spine.
  • Identify 3 fascial lines and show how to use cross handed stretches for each line.
  • Use myofascial techniques to release the three transverse diaphragms.
  • Determine areas of restriction by evaluating posture.
  • Using anterior, posterior, and deep anterior fascial lines, evaluate and release posture.
  • Explain how to release the rib cage, diaphragm, and accessory muscles of breathing and how to handle emotional release during a session.
  • Manipulate fascia of the feet, balancing the three arches.
  • Demonstrate myofascial techniques to balance and level the hips and back.
  • Balance shoulders and arms using myofascial release techniques.
  • Perform the vertebral artery test and myofascial release techniques to balance the neck and torso.
  • Balance the head, freeing the jaw and loosening the scalp.
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