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Ethics: Roles & Boundaries

2 Hour CE Course

Average rating based on the following evaluation questions:

  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

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This is a short, concise review of the main legal and ethical concepts related to professional roles and boundaries in massage and bodywork today.

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Content Outline

Legal Issues in Professional Roles and Boundaries  0.9 hour
  • Torts
  • Negligence
  • Intentional tort
  • Quasi-intentional tort
  • Strict liability
  • Consent
Ethical Issues in Professional Roles and Boundaries  0.9 hour
  • Being a professional
  • Professional boundaries
  • Dual relationships
  • Supervision and support
  • Professional codes of ethics
Open-Book Test and Course Evaluation Form  0.2 hour
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It was clear and concise. It was what I look for when taking courses for CEU's.

K. Lavia, LMT

This was one of the most interesting ethics courses I've taken. Many topics were new to me and very timely and applicable. I actually felt that I took away some valuable information from this course.

S. Sinclair, LMT, NCTMB

I enjoyed this course and feel the content will allow me to better serve my clients and educate my peers. Thanks!

M. Perry, LMT, NCTMB

Clear, concise and in-depth presentation of information. Exceeded my expectations for an on-line course.

L. Carla, LMP

Great course! Very informative, affordable and convenient!

M. Oldenburg, LMT

Excellent course and easy to understand and study!

J. Starks, LMT

Great! Practitioners sometimes get a bit tired of taking some of the same classes every year but I actually learned a few new things as well as the old with this material! Great!

S. Wivell, LMT, NCTMB

Great course. Easy to understand and the test is reasonable too.

G. Sun, CMT

This was very informative and worth paying for. I feel like I really got my money worth and more!

C. Kiel, LMT

This was excellent. Clearly presented.Thank you for this excellent review!

K. O'Brion, LMT, ABMP

Good job. Thank you.

Abby Cicirelli, LMT

This course was very informative in regards to the legal aspects of massage therapy.

Karen Harrington, LMT

This course was to the point and touched on good issues.

Lila Christina Polutta, LMT, NCTMB

I found this course very informative. I am not one to really read material like this on a regular basis, but when I do, I want to to be able to hold my attention. This was written in a way that did that.

Cecelia Edic, LMT

Very helpful information and reminder of all boundaries.

Zhanna Suberlyak, LMT, NCTMB

All the information I read on this test was expected in the questions. I am very pleased with this course. Great job!!!

Liliana Lizarraga, LMT

Good course for accreditation as a Bowenwork Practitioner. Thank you

Yvonne Hall

Very informative. Thanks!

Wendy Ann Hall, LMP

I am glad that I am required to take this course. Over time practicing as a therapist, I think it is easy to lose sight of certain rules and boundaries that might seem more clear cut right out of school. I learned a great deal about myself through reading the material contained in the course.

Elizabeth Janele, LMT, NCTMB

I took this course on the final leg of completing my CEU's for NYS. My intent was to simply get through it to get the last of the credits I needed. After practicing for many years I didn't think I really "needed" another look at "Ethics". What a surprise to find the course in it's entirety important, interesting, helpful, insightful and meaningful. I'll be back for more.

Sandra Mills-Epstein, LMT

Overall good course. I can understand why it is required.

Robert Foster, LMT

Time well spent.

Kathy Noland, LMT

Easy to read/process and complete in a reasonable time. Just less than 2hrs from start to end.

Brenda Mabry, CMT, NCTMB

Excellent course. Valuable information. Thank you!

Barbara Stack, LMT

A good, strong review course on ethics. I am glad I choose this one. I will use other courses you offer.

Lois Riley, LMT

Excellent course, keep up the good work.

Jose Aguilar, LMT

Although it was a requirement, I thought the content was actually very interesting and I will be able to use the information. Good reminders and good for more clarity. Thank you!

Elaine M. Ryan, CMT

Some of the legal terminology was very new and exciting and unexpected. I had never known the difference between a tort and a crime, or defamation vs. invasion of privacy. Most of these things are not discussed in relation to massage therapy.

Mita Sigaard, LMT

Very interesting and concise information. A must read for all healthcare practitioners.

Barbara Sanchez-Reichert, LMT

Very applicable and directly to the point.

Linnette Yard, LMT

Another good course.

Sandra Owen, LMT, NCTMB

Great course, learned a lot and refreshed on a lot.

Faith Rose, LMT, NCTMB

This course was a good refresher & reminder of what we massage therapists must all keep in mind as we practice our profession.

Stuart Bean, LMT

This was a very interesting course that covered area that my previous courses had not covered. Thank you.

Rhonda Heyns, LMT

Its pertinent to my practice.

Sunny Blann, LMT

Course was easy, accessible and very well done. Nice job! :)

Michele Solloway, Phd, RPP

I feel like the class really capture key points that ALL therapists need to know, and as a business owner having worked with multiple therapists for years, many of them could use this review!!

Martha Harger, LMT, NCTMB

This was very informative and worth paying for. I feel like I really got my money worth and more!

Csandress Kiel, LMT

This course was well laid out and I will be easily able to reference different concepts in the future. Thanks!

Christen Mandrack, LMT

Great course. Easy to understand and the test is reasonable too.

Guiging Sun, CMT

I enjoyed how this material was informative and to the point.

Shaelynn Nolan, NCTMB

Great Course study. Would recommend to anyone needing this course.

Juliette Aouadi, LMT

Great! Practitioners sometimes get a bit tired of taking some of the same classes every year but I actually learned a few new things as well as the old with this material! Great!

Sara Wivell, LMT, NCTMB

Excellent course and easy to understand and study!

Jacquelyn Starks, LMT

This course was very easy to read and understand. I feel I have a very good understanding of this ethics course and it was fun to take. Looking forward to more courses.

Rebecca A. McQuaig, CMT

Very good overview! Good information!

Marshalyn Bibbs, LMT

Great course! Very informative, affordable and convenient!

Matt Oldenburg, LMT

This was my first experience to do an online course. Some information was somewhat unclear but overall was a good experiences. Thank You.

Carol Lavoie, LMT, NCTMB

Great info!

Andrea Brueske, LMT

This was a pretty easy and straightforward class and test. I like them that way.

Suzanne Bowers, LMT, NCTMB

This was a little different than other ethic courses I have taken. It reached a little deeper into the legalities and the medical end of massage. I found it very interesting. Thank You

Vivian Beran, LMT, NCTMB

I would recommend this course to my colleagues.

Angela Polite, LMT

I enjoyed this course and feel the content will allow me to better serve my clients and educate my peers. Thanks!

Michael Perry, LMT, NCTMB

I found all the legal issues to be very informative and learned a lot of the through meaning of each.

Debra J. Abitz, LMT

Great reminders of boundaries and maintaining consistency with each client.

Ginger Jones

The lady that answered the phone was extremely nice and helpful. The content reminded me of things that I knew bit it was good to hear again. This was a great refresher and was straight forward.

Kimberly Warfel, LMT

Course was to the point and easy to locate information for the questions. It is always good to reinforce this information.

Windy Collins, LMT

Thank you for making it easy, fun and convenient.

Barbara May- Sanders, LMT

I needed the ethics CEUs for my license and I was pleasantly surprised with a great course. Much more than I expected.

Diana Callaway, LMT

A great course that held my interest and provided new knowledge. Emma was excellent in her willingness to assist me with the website and explaining procedures. Thank you, Emma.

Franko Triscritti, LMT

A lot of information presented but necessary. I learn something new every time I take the course.

Alice Pannier, LMT, NCTMB

This course was good as a refresher which we all need.

Mary Eure, LMT

This course and all of the others I have taken continue to be really great and easy to complete and execute.

Sandra Wood, NCTMB

For a course that I know I needed to do vs. a course that I wanted to do, it was easy, clear to understand, and to the point!

Jessica James, LMT

Very informative and a necessary review for professionals.

Rhys Webb, LMT

This was unique among the online ethics classes I've taken in actually presenting new information. None of the others have had such interesting explanations of torts.

Caitlin Smith, LMT

The course had a good set up with examples and explanations to hold your interest and keep you searching for the right answers. Thank You.

Judy Barrick, LMT

Very Informative & Refreshing Course!

Katalin Persha, LMT

Most interesting ethics course i have ever taken!

Rita Myles, LMT

This was an excellent course

Yoshi Paulovich, LMT

The information was clear and concise. It made it easier for a complete understanding of the course that I can apply immediately in my practice.

Maryann Castello, LMT

Simple and to the point. Got the credits I needed and learned a few new things. Nice refresher, Thank you

Heather Moser, LMT

This course was very thorough, so much so that I wondered if I was taking the wrong CE. It was all great information but I think just a little over the top for massage therapist, at least how it was presented. Maybe that is what is required in other states? I still gained a lot and thankful that you are giving great information and asking good questions so you know people are actually taking in the in information rather than skimming and walking away with little insight on big issues we face as LMT's.

Tabitha Mecklenborg, LMT

This was an extremely well done mini course. I learned, in more detail, quite a bit. Easily worth the money!

Malina Armatys, CMT, RMT

I have taken Roles and Boundries for years. This format was new and refreshing. Thank You I have myself to blame for missing question 21. I did not check my work before submitting. Lesson learned.

Donald L. Neely, BCTMB

Relevant and important content that is presented clearly. Thanks.

Linda Peterson, LMT

Very Informative!!!!1 Highly Recommendable

Daniel Porter, CMT

I've been a therapist for 15 year. Just requirement and I don't do massage any longer, only Bowenwork. Always Ethics roles and boundaries are a good refresher. I just wish after a few years we (WA State or other states too!) didn't have this requirement every 2 years. Waste of money. Maybe only every 4 years or so.

Diane Gerig, LMP

very thorough and helpful. i enjoyed reading and implementing through answering the questions.

D. Accetta, LMT

a bit challenging-very useful info!

Catherine Hegazi, LMT

after doing massage for quite a while you sometimes may get slack of doing what you should this course brought me back into focus i will refocus and be more aware of my clients this course is helpful to me thanks

Robert Jelks, Sr., LMT

Interesting information. Thanks!

Dorian Kriston, LMT

I was pleasantly surprised with course and support. Will order more testing when needed.

Barbara Tom, LMT

It was a very informative course.

Arkady Kholodovsky, LMT

I found it hard to find all of the answers to the test in the material given.

Kaelyn Adams, LMP

This ethics course met my needs. Clear and concise. Thank you!

Wendy Jo Phelps

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Learning Objectives

  1. Define assault, battery, sexual assault, false imprisonment, defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
  2. Identify examples of breach of confidentiality and the healthcare professional's obligations regarding the informed consent process.
  3. Define transference, countertransference and boundaries and apply them to practice situations.
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Sample Text

"Disclosure Requirements

In order for a patient to make an informed decision about whether or not to have a particular treatment, s/he must have enough information, including

  • Nature and purpose of treatment
  • Risks and consequences of treatment
  • Alternatives to treatment
  • Consequences of refusal of treatment (so the patient/client can make an informed refusal)

Failure to adequately explain related risks to a procedure or the extent of these risks may result in a liability for the healthcare professional. The risks of a proposed treatment may be explained to a patient in two different ways: from the professional's perspective or from the patient's perspective.

In most states, what a health professional tells a client is judged by what other health professionals tell their clients in similar situations. In other words, the actions of the health professional are judged against the actions of his/her peers. However, many states are now leaning toward the patient/client's perspective, which means any side effects that are pertinent to a particular client should be told to this client regardless if other health professionals tell their clients of this particular risk. This is to ensure that this particular client is fully informed of risks and benefits that may affect him/her so s/he can make an informed decision about his/her particular healthcare."

(Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional Roles and Boundaries by Sharon Burch, 2006, p. 15-16)

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Sample Test Question

Which of the following is a disclosure requirement for informed consent?

  1. consequence of refusal of treatment
  2. patient waiver
  3. emergencies
  4. doctor's choice based on the situation
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