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Cupping for Massage Therapists

1 Hour CE Course

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  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

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Fully Online Materials and Test

Contents: 4 original online articles; plus online multiple-choice test



Earn credits through articles you've already read in our Massage Professionals Update e-newsletter.

Introduce yourself to the practice of cupping. Combining four articles written especially for the Institute's Massage Professionals Update E-newsletter, this brief program will provide insights into:

  • Cupping history and theory.
  • Cupping variations and tips.
  • Evidence regarding the benefits of cupping.
  • Cautions and contraindications.

In the Cupping for Massage Therapists introductory program we've combined articles written especially for the Institute's Massage Professionals Update. These articles include:

  • An Introduction to Cupping for Massage Therapists - One of the lesser known techniques used by massage therapists familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is cupping, an ancient and effective modality used to release adhesions and help remove toxins from the body. Learn more about the history of cupping and how it can enhance your massage practice.
  • TCM, Cupping and Massage: Part I - Traditionally known as a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique, cupping can be mastered by massage therapists to complement their professional repertoire. Discover several cupping variations, as well as the theory behind this traditional practice.
  • TCM, Cupping and Massage: Part II - Discover 10 massage cupping tips, and review the clinical support for this ancient healing art.
  • TCM, Cupping and Massage: Part III - Before massage therapists add cupping to their menu of services, they must have a firm grasp of cupping's cautions and contraindications.

You can either read the articles by clicking on any of the titles above or upon enrollment you'll be able to access these articles and your online test through your online course account.

As an introductory to the background of cupping, this course does not present cupping techniques. For more advanced information review Cupping Therapy: A Step-by-Step Approach.

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This course was excellent! It kept my attention; straight and to the point, there was no room to be bored. Well done, thank you!

C. McCauslin, ABMP

Excellent course and it provided information and history that I wasn't aware of. I was very pleased with the course material.

P. Lozano, LMT

I enjoyed the course very much and am considering getting some training in cupping.

R. Mullis, LMT

This was a wonderful course.. very informative.. Loved it.. Thanks

C. Powell, CMT, ABMP

Great class...want to learn technique now.

Julie Deignan, LMT, NCTMB

It was simple and convienient. I will take another course soon

Najah Hakeem-Bennis, CMT

This class sounds as if it can be an enormous help to my practice. A MT worked on me using cupping and it has helped my right hand where I had carpal problems.

Sharon Schuk, LMT

Re awakened my interest in this age old modality. The use of cupping in lymphatic drainage is very workable.

Narissa Khan

Loved it.

Shirley Velazquez, CMT

Very interesting. A little repetitive, but I liked that because I feel I will retain the information better. Can't wait to learn more about cupping.

Kimberly DePrez, LMT

Yay! so excited that i found something that worked for me

Kaleigh Brown, LMT

Loved the preparation! I feel I learned a lot for doing on online course. Can't wait to learn the other techniques!

Monica St. Onge, LMT

Great class- Thank you!

Melissa Shepps, LMT

Good information I can use

Shane Sale, RMT, NCTMb

Great information! Thank you.

Michelle Kinsey, LMT

The information has already been useful for treating clients. I look forward to taking a more detailed course in cupping.

Joy Scarano, LMT

Gives a good basic introduction to Cupping, now I better understand the different methods and want to learn more.

Jenny Lybbert, LMT, NCTMb

I just finished with the cupping course and it was fantastic! I can't wait to start another course.

Daniel Peralez, LMT

Basic info on cupping but gives you enough information to decide if you want to continue with the modality or not.

Keri Ann Heitzman, LMT

This course was a good base introduction to cupping.

David Welton, LMT

I found this course to be informative and enjoyable.

Janet Larrew, LMT

I enjoyed that this course was to the point, very well written and easy to follow. I learned new techniques that I will now be able to start using; as well as new information to help explain to my clientele.

Sara Clouse, LMT

I do massage cupping, but it was great to review and refresh this material. I learned a lot of things that were not taught to me during the course I took. Great course and can't wait to take more.

Deborah Kelly, LMT

I enjoyed this course and will definitely be looking forward to taking many more!

Sharon Jackson

Thank you, I would recommend the others!!!

Song White

Very good, as always. Love that you offer so many courses re modalities outside conventional massage school training, like Cupping. Thank you.

Wendy Child, LMT, NCTMB

I was very pleased with the information that was included. Was never bored and it very much kept me intrigued to the last page! I would absolutely order another course as well as recommending it to other LMT!

Marisol M. Yamashita, LMT

Very interesting and made me want to learn more about this.

Tommye Rivers, LMT

The course was well done. Information provided was not only informative, but it was easy to understand. Looking forward to my next course.

Debra Susan Laxalt, LMT, NCTMB

This course was really great. I have decided to pursue Cupping Certification because of this course.

Tami Nichols-Beaghan, LMT, NCTMB

Fast, comprehensive, and easy. It checked all the boxes for me as a course for required CEUs thanks!

Bonnie Bijeau, LMT

Thank you for the ease of the course. It was simple to understand and the test was completed with good course instruction. I will definitely be using your Institute again and look forward to the next course some time next week. Great online learning set up with no hassle to achieve what goals were set out for my intention to find out more about cupping and how I can put this into practice.

Debbie James

Great! I wanted a quick course on cupping, it's history and uses. This was just perfect for what I needed!

Anne-Therese Peterson

This was a great introduction to Cupping that I will be using when I take a course more on Cupping to make sure my skills are at the best before I introduced this to my clients. Thank you

Sarah Espada, LMT

This was a fun, informative course and I enjoyed taking it. Can't wait to use cupping in my practice.

Kimberly Bolton, LMT

Another great course and it was very informative!

Felisha Meusey, LMP

Great introduction to cupping.

Danielle Stevens, LMP, BCTMB

Just continue on your path, good work!

Coralie Thurston, LMT, BCTMB

great refresher course!!!

Steve Singleton, LMT

Great info if you are unfamiliar with cupping and want to learn the basics!

Samantha Sokolis, RMT

Incredible price for the course to get the ball rolling to incorporate cupping into my practice. Was excited that it is approved by state DORA, NCBTMB & ABMP. I think it might be helpful to have picture examples or video links (other than my random YouTube searches) to have a visual of more technique do's & don'ts before beginning with clients. Customer service is excellent & very easily reached. ~ Thanks!

Erika Monet, RMT

This was a great introduction. I saw you recently added a 9 credit hour course on Cupping for Massage Therapists, excellent idea. Even for this class, it could be expanded to a 6 hour class with some additional videos to watch. I think some visuals of the different types of cups and showing a brief introduction to running cupping would be nice, unless you are concerned therapists would try the methods without a full and proper training.

Diana Smith, LMT

Great course,fast, not expensive, an all around good experience.

Kenneth Young, LMT

Very insightful course! Informative and useful.

Auzuree Johnson, LMT

It was great material and helped me to do my cupping techniques in a more informed way.

Crystal Weir, LMBT, LMT

The course was great and to the point! Great information. Easy to comprehend.

Keirsten Cossette, LMT, BCTMB

I thoroughly enjoyed this reading and found it to be a great foundation for my interest in cupping.

Shevonda Evans, LMT

This course was interesting from start to finish!

Anna Crawford, LMBT

The course was great for a refresher and to get a few credits in!

Leanna Chamberlain, LMP

The lesson was explained very clear and understandable.

Shekina Magbulos, LMT

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Learning Objectives

  • Explain the origins and history of cupping as well as the way it can be used in a massage therapy practice.
  • Explain the variations and theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine cupping techniques. And which health conditions may benefit from this modality.
  • Describe the helpful tips use to make cupping a successful modality and describe the evidence of the therapeutic effect of cupping.
  • Identify the precautions to be used when providing cupping as well as the contraindications.
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