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Aromatherapy Essentials

40 Hour CE Course

Average rating based on the following evaluation questions:

  1. The presentation of the subject was clear and to the point.
  2. Content was interesting to me.
  3. I gained new knowledge.
  4. The materials held my attention.
  5. I can use this information in my practice.
  6. This program met my personal expectations.
  7. Overall quality of course content and materials were excellent.

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DVD Materials Shipped and Test Online

Contents: 3 Videos (DVD), 3 texts, manual and aromatherapy sampler pack (non-refundable) shipped to you. online multiple-choice test.


DVD Materials and Test Shipped to You

Contents: 3 Videos (DVD), 3 texts, manual, aromatherapy sampler pack (non-refundable) and workbook with multiple-choice test shipped to you.



In this course, participants will learn basic aromatherapy skills, which will enable them to be educated consumers of aromatherapy products, create effective blends for specific purposes, and use essential oils and blends of essential oils safely.

In addition to the course manual by Sheryll Ryan, also included are: texts by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD and Jeanne Rose; a video seminar series with an emphasis on safety and practical application; and samples of essential oils and blending materials.

Additional topics covered in the course are:

  • essential oil profiles
  • aromabotany
  • aromachemistry
  • toxicology
  • case studies and scientific studies
  • the history and practice of aromatherapy
  • considerations for the massage practice

Sheryll Ryan is a certified aromatherapist, having undergone extensive training, including the certification course from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy taught by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD. She also traveled to Europe to learn firsthand how essential oils were distilled and how the modality was practiced. Back in the United States, Christoph Streicher, PhD was her mentor in the analysis of oils, aroma-chemistry and aroma-physiology. And most importantly, private sessions with over 400 clients led her to objective conclusions on the actions of aromatherapy and individual essential oils.

Ms. Ryan served on the Education Committee and as the Western District Director and on the Executive Committee of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA). This course was designed to meet the educational guidelines of NAHA.

After successfully completing this course, the student can confidently incorporate aromatherapy into a regimen of health maintenance for self and family. This course provides the foundation for further study leading to the practice of aromatherapy in the professional setting.

This course is designed to help the massage therapist begin safe practice within the scope of personal needs or licensure qualifications of the certified health practitioner, and does not imply a license to diagnose, prescribe or treat.

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This course exceeded my expectations. In choosing a course in Aromatherapy, I was expecting to learn the basic properties of the oils, common conditions they are useful for, blending techniques, safety in use, and basic physiology in regards to absorption and metabolism in the body. What I got, in addition to all of that, was a real scientifically-based understanding of the chemical makeup of the oils, in-depth physiology, knowledge of how to be a discerning consumer of essential oils, and a real deep respect for this therapy and how it is used in different cultures. Thank you for offering this very useful and coherent course.


This course was exceptional and I am very pleased I took it. I have practiced over 15 years and find your course work and programs far more beneficial and educational than the ones I have attended. Your staff support and prompt communication is exceptional. The courses I've taken are well thought out, have good support materials for learning and understanding the subject. It is obvious that a great deal of effort has been put forth and well-informed professionals have created the courses offered! I am grateful to have the opportunity and availability of your work.

M. E. Dow, LMT

This course was great! It was challenging, exciting and fun. This is definitely going to enhance my practice and my life. Thanks!

R. Buckel, LMT

Certainly broadened by knowledge of aromatherapy! I feel confident in using, mixing and discussing aromatherapy oils in my practice and with others, as well. Will certainly recommend this course to anyone needing to know aromatherapy. Well worth the price of this course.

L. Smith, LMT, RN

The Aromatherapy Essentials course was very well presented. I learned so much and am excited to use some of what I've learned in my massage practice. This was a course that makes you want to learn more.

P. West, LMT, AMTA

Of the many home study continuing education courses I have taken, this is by far the best! Comprehensive, employing visual hands on as well as verbal learning styles. Always interesting yet packed with information. Even the videos were well done. Technical info made clear for the non-scientific person. Highly recommend this course.


I believe this to be very in-depth and satisfying to my profession. This has been the best home study course I have ever engaged in. I feel very fulfilled by this course.

P. Rolfs, LMT, NCTMB

This course has been the most informative and comprehensive of several aromatherapy courses that I have taken over the years. I greatly appreciate the flexibility of being able to study as my busy life allows. Most of all, I appreciate having the texts and oils in my hands. This text is one of my most prized possessions. Sheryll Ryan did commendable work.

S. Chavolla, LMT

This course was absolutely great! I never realized how beneficial essential oils can really be. I have noticed how much better I feel while making blends and trying on myself first and then family/friends. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback using the essential oils! I'm so happy I took this course.

Y. Tiffany, LMT

I thought it was an excellent course and plan to continue studying.

Annette Simon, LMT, NCTMB

The course has inspired me to make more of an effort to incorporate more essential oils into my massage practice. I believe the use of these oils will serve to enhance my clients' overall mind/body experience and the extra time and effort required of me will be paid off with a deeper knowledge bank and will serve to solidify client loyalty. I am looking forward to taking the time suggested in the course to familiarize myself with these oils and the plants they come from.

Beth Thompson, LMT

This course far exceeded my expectations. It has given me a greater interest in aromatherapy. I will continue my education in this area because your excellent program opened my eyes to how fascinating this modality is and how it can compliment so many other areas.

Mary Goulding, NCTMB

Great information! Best organization and presentation for actual use that I have seen.

Nadine Wormsbacher, LMT, NCTMB

The course was excellent! Made me want to learn more about aromatherapy. The materials were top-notch and I will use them for years to come.

Kelley Howard, CMT

I found this course very interesting however i knew very little about aromatherapy going into it. I now find myself wanting to find more and more information and to try new things. Thank you!

Ronette Moore, LMT, NCTMB

I took other aromatherapy courses, but the information stayed in me much easier because the way Sheryll Ryan structures her course. I hope there is a next level aromatherapy home study course taught by her.

Yoshi Palovich, LMT, NCTMB

This was great! it was well presented, complete, well-documented and interesting. I still want to go back over a lot of the information and the skills in blending before I feel confident in using the techniques, but feel I will be able to use the skills in the future with practice and the assistance of resources included in the presentation. Thank you!

Stephanie Bruff, LMT, NCTMB

Awesome course, very informative, I feel much more comfortable using essential oils in my practice now. Thank you

Diane Barry, LMT

Excellent materials and flow of topic! ...well-written!

Donna Stuat, LMT

Loved this course look forward to researching more

Gina Richard, RMT, NCTMB

I feel the course gave me valuable insights for the use of essential oils, their safety requirements and especially the dilution chart. The course has helped me help others in their wellness better.

Linda Hall, LMT

Very clear, concise and helpful. The staff is very open and helpful as well.

Mark Delabarre, LMT

I feel that the material was presented in an understandable manner. It allows for continued learning after taking the course.

Mary Rizza, LMT

This course is a valuable introduction to aromatherapy providing a balanced approach and a wealth of knowledge to begin using essential oils safely and purposefully.

Laura Miller

This course was so interesting and well done that I want to get my Aromatherapy Certification! I did not find the DVD/Video very useful, but I did enjoy the blending exercises!

Tina Griffith, LMT, NCTMB

I love that I can take courses on line that are interesting, succinct and easy to follow, this course particularly was very valuable to me and my massage practice.

Carolyn Risser, LMT

The best course that I have taken in a long time. Well written & very informative.

Debra Jackson, LMT, NCTMB

This is an amazing course with good content, sample oils and exercises at end of chapters, and I would highly recommend that massage therapists with any kind of aroma included in their practice (whether from candles/diffusers or within own oils used during therapy) to add to their arsenal. The material is invaluable knowledge to have.

Eva Wheeler-Sagiao, LMT

I felt as though this course was very thoughtfully put together and I especially liked the way it brought in differing viewpoints, noting the rationale behind each one but also addressing the limitation. For instance, new information has come to light since that theory, or certain factors weren't taken into consideration that might be of importance to an aromatherapist.

Mary McWilliams

Text and videos very informative, loved the videos,the aromatherapist was informative, friendly and knowledgeable.

Marie Leal, LMT

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Learning Objectives

  • Outline the history of aromatherapy, including use of aromatherapy in ancient civilizations, and in other countries today and how it has been used to enhance immunity, relieve symptoms, and relieve stress.
  • Explain methods of distillation and differentiate between genuine essential oils and synthetics, so as to avoid the use of ineffective or potentially dangerous oils in the practice of massage or spa treatment.
  • Describe the factors that influence quality and characteristics of essential oils so as to avoid the use of adulterated or diluted oils in the practice of massage or spa treatment.
  • Identify the techniques used to analyze the composition of an essential oil to be able to recognize the methods used to assure quality for safe application in the practice of massage or spa treatment.
  • Breakdown and analyze the schematics to identify main components, main effects, contraindications, and notes regarding a variety of essential oils, so as to knowledgably use the appropriate essential oils in the practice of massage.
  • Compare and contrast oils to the highest standards and determine if they are of high quality for use in the practice of massage or spa treatment.
  • Examine the methods of absorption of essential oils and the healing process, identify the effects of various essential oils and specify which essential oils can be safely and effectively used for healing various conditions in the practice of massage or spa treatment.
  • Describe steps and methods of preparing a blend for a subject face to face, as in a massage session, using sampler kit to practice preparing blends for various case studies.
  • Identify most commonly used essential oils and methods for use appropriate for massage.
  • Develop and create aromatherapy products using multiple mediums, focus on products for use in massage setting.
  • Experiment with blending 15 essential oils in sampler pack, testing combinations and methods of combining, for safety and efficacy in the practice of massage.
  • Discuss the fundamentals of aromachemistry, including the levels of classification, to recognize potential safety issues when selecting essential oils to use in the practice of massage or spa treatment.
  • Discuss basics of aromabotany, differentiate between the families of plants and flowers, identify those that produce essential oils to be used in the massage practice.
  • Determine which essential oils may cause toxicity, reactions with orthodox drugs, interfere with pregnancy, or be contraindicated for massage clients.
  • Justify and support the use of aromatherapy in clinical settings as well as in massage therapy.
  • Relate the importance of professionalism in massage therapy in the addition of aromatherapy to the massage practice.
  • Integrate the use of aromatherapy into the massage practice.
  • Utilize proper storage and handling techniques for carrier and essential oils in the massage therapy practice.
  • Correlate the relationships between chemical structure and effects, and provide descriptions of oils for safety and efficacy in the practice of massage.
  • Summarize the conventional approach to medicine and the use (and history of use) of aromatherapy, relate it to uses in the practice of massage and spa treatments.
  • Differentiate and rank oils, by information on the label, for safety in the practice of massage and spa treatments.
  • Locate organizations and other resources for the practice of Aromatherapy in order to continue to acquire more knowledge for safe and effective use of essential oils in the practice of massage therapy.
  • Develop your own unique recipies for use in the massage therapy practice.


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