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Approaching the Lower Body from All Angles

4 Hour CE Course

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Let’s be honest:

  • Do you rush through the lower body to get to your clients' “real” problems (which always seem to be in the upper body)?
  • Do you find yourself running out of techniques when a client actually wants you to pay attention to their legs?
  • Are you just bored of your routine?

Learn a fresh approach to the major muscles groups of the legs and hips, and effectively ground your clients’ in their body as a whole, so you can say goodbye to monotonous techniques and HELLO to new ways of structuring your sessions, revitalized lower body skills, and client’s that say WOW.

In this course you'll follow a simple path:

  • Introduction and Preparation - Get acquainted with crucial tools and setup strategies needed to successfully apply the hands-on techniques. You are on your way to adding new skills to your toolbox and reinvigorate your practice.
  • Working the Lower Body in Prone - Learn 7 new techniques for the lower body and move away from stale, boring, and ineffective work.
  • Working the Lower Body in Supine - Now you're cooking with gas! It’s time to work on the flip side of your client and perform 7 additional techniques so you can view your client’s body in all its dimensions.
  • Bringing it All Together - Reflect on what you’ve learned and get your CE hours and certificate!
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Learning Objectives

  • List the muscles located on or around the lateral and medial legs, from the peroneals in the lower leg to the tensor fasciae latae in the hip.
  • Describe the benefits that more sustained attention to this lower body musculature can give to a full-body massage.
  • Practice 14 specific techniques to engage these medial and lateral structures from uncommon angles and with uncommon approaches.
  • Create each stroke learned by leaning with their whole body, in order to address this vulnerable area of the client in a way that feels safe to the client and safe for their own body mechanics.
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